Hulk Hogan Now Focal Point Of Advertisements For TNA's Upcoming UK Tour

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Hulk Hogan is booked for TNA Impact Wrestling's shows in Manchester on January 27th and London on January 28th, according to the following Tweet by TNA's Simon Rothsein:

You can view a new promotional poster featuring Hogan the company released below:

  • Abe

    So Hogan isnt around, been gone for a while and the owner of the company doesnt hear from him. Then they(more likely hogan himself) make him the focal point of an overseas show. Dumb

  • @RatedMKD

    So they give him noticeably higher billing than the World Champion, put an asterisk beside his name and the words "Card subject to change" in fine print at the bottom? Classy.

  • Trey

    I guess Hogan is to good for Nottingham…T.N.A. is beyond pitiful!

  • Rosey

    Easy guys, they say that to cover up any emergency situations that may arise. And if u look hard enough u would see that they promote sting higher than the champ aswell, that’s ok though right!. It’s funny how people dislike the man, the icon who Kept wrestling alive, I think you guys are beyond pitiful!. Hogan was the reason for inspiring the guys, who inspired guys like the current champ. TNA is a good company. WWE on the other hand, even though I watch their programs, seems to ge pitiful, not letting cm punk walk in UFC program with belt, Really, McMahon’ s are the pitiful ones here.

  • Rosey

    Whatcha gonna do UK ,when Hulkamania runs wild on you.

  • HPK

    Hey all You Bloody Hulkmaniacs…Whatcha' gonna dooooooooooooooo , when a stale , overrated , over-inflated , ancient untalented " wrestler "…DAMN , just crapped My diaper , BROTHER !!!