Hulk Hogan Opening New Restaurant & Bar With Tremendous Upside

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Hulk Hogan will open a 20,000-square-foot indoor and outdoor restaurant and bar located at the Best Western Bay Harbor Hotel in Tampa, Florida called "Hogan's Beach." The restaurant is scheduled to open on New Year's Eve and includes waterside dining, live outdoor entertainment, a mechanical shark ride, authentic tiki bars, a giant video screen on the beach, as well as indoor and beachfront dance floors.

We're told Hogan has "zero" to do with the day-to-day operations but his name and money are behind it. Chef Robert Uzzillia was described to us as a "great head chef" and the day-to-day will be run by a "tremendous" outside management company. Some may be writing this off but from what we're told, the project has the potential to do really well.

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  • Kleck

    I’d check it out…why not?

  • dusty588

    Rather see him do this than a title run!

  • Gary

    Already a bad move to open on New Years Eve.

  • channesson

    Anything hogan touches is gold… He made wwe he made wcw he made hogan knows best!! He made his beach store and now this place will do awesome.. Look at what he has done with tna so far.. Ratings are through the roof…

    • nWo 4 Life

      And he made a hot daughter..!

    • Dave Barton

      I admit it…you got me, right up until the end.

  • Little Jimmy

    Cool! Maybe it can have pics of scenes from his famous sex tape at every table.

  • The Big Organ

    I think Hogan, although a huge mistake being an in-ring competitor, outside ventures such as a restaurant can be a really good thing.

    • PainOfDemise

      All depends on how the food will turn out.