Hulk Hogan Praises Matt Conway & Dave Lagana

Hulk Hogan praised TNA writers Matt Conway and Dave Lagana for their work Saturday on Twitter. Hogan wrote:

Lagana proudly accepted the compliment, writing the following on Twitter with a link to an Instagrammed shot of it:

  • The Breaker

    It’s good to see the writers get credit for the work they do, as most of the time people call them out for something it’s based on criticism.

    • The writers are often treated as the scapegoat. It’s a near impossible job.

      • Though I have to admit I’d jump at that impossible job in a heartbeat. Not sure how long I’d last, but I’d sure love to try it!

        • This reminds me when I had my online company I told you about, Kendra. Writing a wrestling show is absolutely great. I loved it. Sadly, you can never please everyone. Least what I said went and it didn’t have to be approved. Haha.

  • ya if i was a writer Kurt Angle would have had the title or in title hunt all the time in TNA