Hulk Hogan Promotes Then “Hulks Out” On

Hulk Hogan is at it again and honestly I’m quite confused. Several hours ago Hogan Retweeted the following Tweet by webmaster Alex Barie.

A few hours later he Tweets: is the sister website of Elto Alexandrov and Kyle Schimanski, the “clowns” Hogan is referring too, are two of our writers.  You can read the article in question at this link:

Compare & Contrast: Have Hogan And Bischoff Been A Good Thing For The TNA Product?


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  • Robert Olley

    Hogans turning into bob backlind with his lunacy

  • Kendra Bunyon

    Alex has always defended Hogan to me at every turn. Alex has turned me around on so many things about Hogan. I think this is a mistake. I’m abrasive, and I understand Hogan blocking me for it, but Alex supports Hogan and shouldn’t be catching the crap for standing up for Hogan.

    • Nostaljack

      I somehow don’t think Hogan will lay awake tonight wondering what wrong in his relationship between Alex and he. I mean…*I* will, but I don’t think Hulk will…;)

  • fryfrench

    You are both nothing to him, dont flatter yourselves in overthinking this lol

    • Richard Gray

      It still makes no sense. Why RT the article only to bash it three hours later?

      • fryfrench

        Maybe he planned to bash it all along and forgot to do so after quoting it, idk. I assume he wasnt retweeting it in order to give it praise though.

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Here’s the tweets in question. Hogan deleted them after they got noticed.

  • Tyson

    This sounds like internal wnw crap again and does not really concern the business. Saying “oh wow hulk mentioned me in a tweet” is an absolute waste of a page.

    • Richard Gray

      You clicked, read and commented;)

      • Nostaljack

        He didn’t say “who cares”; he stated his opinion. The only noteworthy thing here is that Hogan doesn’t know the URL of the website belonging to the company he works for.

        • Tyson

          I clicked because i live in hope that when hulk “hulks out” it will actually mean he defecated on the faces of these opportunistic journalists (fan boys)

    • Jay Raphael

      Lol Tyson do you have a personal vendetta against our esteem journalist and very nicely hair groomed Mr Richard Grays? You can’t seem let go of his coconuts? Lol

      • Tyson

        I have a vendetta against Wasting an amount of my data while using 3G. An article like this is similar to a journalist telling me he went shopping and while buying ham he got the finger off z list eighties celebrity HE-MAN. No one cares but if HE- MAN was with the dead princess Diana people would want to know about that.

        Would you not agree the logistics of intercourse between an animation and a dead royal would be complex.

        As for Richards hair. He needs some loreal for that crap. Sorry man sort It out.

  • Wu’teh

    Someone ate too many ‘vitamins’ during the 80′s.

  • KRS

    Wonder what his reaction would of been if we wrote a negative piece!

  • Jose

    ita seems thata Hunk Rogan is mad! that sunamagun!

  • Scott Davies

    Screw Hogan. Yeah the guy was a huge star in the 80′s & 90′s. Fan or not the guy is a tool bag & probably did not even read the artical. TNA has been great latley i will say that, but it is turning into a Hogan show.

    • Jay Raphael

      Article* ;)