Hulk Hogan Promotes Then "Hulks Out" On

Hulk Hogan is at it again and honestly I'm quite confused. Several hours ago Hogan Retweeted the following Tweet by webmaster Alex Barie.

A few hours later he Tweets: is the sister website of Elto Alexandrov and Kyle Schimanski, the "clowns" Hogan is referring too, are two of our writers.  You can read the article in question at this link:

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  • Come on Hogan, let’s talk! The article as actually ruling in your favor… saying that they (Elto and Kyle) would have you and Eric in the company. Yet, you think it’s wrong?

  • Hogans turning into bob backlind with his lunacy

  • Alex has always defended Hogan to me at every turn. Alex has turned me around on so many things about Hogan. I think this is a mistake. I’m abrasive, and I understand Hogan blocking me for it, but Alex supports Hogan and shouldn’t be catching the crap for standing up for Hogan.

    • Nostaljack

      I somehow don’t think Hogan will lay awake tonight wondering what wrong in his relationship between Alex and he. I mean…*I* will, but I don’t think Hulk will…;)

  • fryfrench

    You are both nothing to him, dont flatter yourselves in overthinking this lol

    • It still makes no sense. Why RT the article only to bash it three hours later?

      • fryfrench

        Maybe he planned to bash it all along and forgot to do so after quoting it, idk. I assume he wasnt retweeting it in order to give it praise though.

  • Here’s the tweets in question. Hogan deleted them after they got noticed.

  • Tyson

    This sounds like internal wnw crap again and does not really concern the business. Saying “oh wow hulk mentioned me in a tweet” is an absolute waste of a page.

    • You clicked, read and commented;)

      • Nostaljack

        He didn’t say “who cares”; he stated his opinion. The only noteworthy thing here is that Hogan doesn’t know the URL of the website belonging to the company he works for.

        • Tyson

          I clicked because i live in hope that when hulk “hulks out” it will actually mean he defecated on the faces of these opportunistic journalists (fan boys)

    • Lol Tyson do you have a personal vendetta against our esteem journalist and very nicely hair groomed Mr Richard Grays? You can’t seem let go of his coconuts? Lol

      • Tyson

        I have a vendetta against Wasting an amount of my data while using 3G. An article like this is similar to a journalist telling me he went shopping and while buying ham he got the finger off z list eighties celebrity HE-MAN. No one cares but if HE- MAN was with the dead princess Diana people would want to know about that.

        Would you not agree the logistics of intercourse between an animation and a dead royal would be complex.

        As for Richards hair. He needs some loreal for that crap. Sorry man sort It out.

  • Wu’teh

    Someone ate too many ‘vitamins’ during the 80’s.

  • KRS

    Wonder what his reaction would of been if we wrote a negative piece!

    • Ha

      Lol. You’re a scumbag stoner that doesn’t even know what your own kid looks like. You should have more shit to worry about.

  • Jose

    ita seems thata Hunk Rogan is mad! that sunamagun!

  • Screw Hogan. Yeah the guy was a huge star in the 80’s & 90’s. Fan or not the guy is a tool bag & probably did not even read the artical. TNA has been great latley i will say that, but it is turning into a Hogan show.