Hulk Hogan Promotes Wrestlemania & WWE Network On Today

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Hulk Hogan made a cameo appearance on the Today Show on NBC on Wednesday. He showed up with the WWE Championship belt and proclaimed that he would be hosting Wrestlemania 30 on April 6, 2014. Hogan said Wrestlemania this year was even more historic with it being the first live pay-per-view on the WWE Network. He invited everyone from the show to attend.

Willie Geist, one of the show's hosts, was at Wrestlemania I and told Hogan he would be in New Orleans for the show this year. It was a good appearance for Hogan and WWE. We can all have an opinion on Hogan but he thrives in this type of setting and is a great ambassador for the company.

I broke the news of his appearance on Twitter:

February 26, 2014 11:40 AM EST Update: WWE posted video of the appearance here on dot com. End update.

  • lee

    How come Hogan didn’t go on ThuRsday show to help promote TNA?

    • dean

      the reason why Hogan did not go on the today show to promote “tna” because the today show is on nbc and wwe has an EXCLUSIVE contractual relationship with nbc universal so nbc would never allow Hogan to promote tna when tna is a “competitor” to wwe since they are both in the fake wrestling business.

  • mdy

    Plus do you really think he cared about TNA… Once he realized they never were going to get better it became about a paycheck until that stopped. Hopefully this time he stays in WWE…

    • dean

      Hogan is going to stay in wwe for the rest of his lfe in some capacity under a “legends deal”. wwe OWNS his careersuch as awa. wwe. wcw etc.
      Hogan is 60 years old. he is done as a wrestler. the only thing he can do now run his mouth as serve as a corporate mouthpiece for wwe’s business endeavors