Hulk Hogan Ready For Next Challenge, Dixie Carter In Heel Mode

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Following the angle that aired on this week's episode of Impact Wrestling where he "quit" the company, Hulk Hogan says he's ready for the next challenge. The following posts were made on his official Facebook page:

He also weighed in on his new commercial for Hostamania which features him riding a wrecking ball in a thong:

For those that missed the angle that aired on this week's episode of Impact, you can watch it online at this link or embedded below:

Dixie Carter is in full heel mode as is evident in the following Tweet:

  • Nostaljack

    Translation: “Great time in TNA. Wish I was there.” Now go find a thong that fits you. Later, Huckster…

  • Paul

    Ugh it’s gonna be another stupid swerve that doesn’t sell a ticket but by golly we fooled you eh?

  • swiftymcvaie

    Wow…… there was more reaction out in the crowd when they realised the bar had closed