Hulk Hogan Rebukes Us On Twitter; Correction On Retail Establishment In Florida

Hulk Hogan has rebuked on Twitter after we posted details about a Hogan retail establishment opening later this month at the Pelican Walk Plaza in Clearwater, Florida. Hogan informed us that our timeframe was "way off" and clearly implied the project is far from set in stone. Below is his Tweet:

I apologize for the error and do not know where the wires got crossed but have removed the original article. Thanks to Hogan for the acknowledgement, brother!

  • Wayne

    Gee, I bet you lost sleep over HH rebuking you.

  • Kevin

    I’m sure you’re really upset about Hulk rebuking you about your story. LOL Either he’s upset that someone spilled the beans too soon, and therefore is throwing us a swerve to keep us “in the dark”, or something went wrong and his plans got changed last minute. I’m betting your story was correct originally, but something happened to cause Hogan to change the opening date. Probably had financial issues at the last minute.