Hulk Hogan Refuses To Rule Out In-Ring Return

In a story we've been following since December, Hulk Hogan continues to make subtle teases regarding a possible in-ring return. On Monday Hogan was asked about a follower for an update on his knee and back, the following is from Twitter:

Hogan stated in December he wanted knee surgery then a TNA title run.

  • No, Just No

  • stoney

    Hogan needs to stop talking out of his ass, or needs to stop talking period. These days I think he believes his own lies

  • Ricky

    Just goes to show how selfish Hogan is lately. He wants it all about him.

  • Jason

    Who thinks he is still relevant and a draw in 2013? Without even giving examples of how his presence carries zero weight these days, how come no one simply looks at the ratings? It’s not like Hogan made “Celebrity Championship Wrestling” a winner.

    It’s not like his association with the midget wrestling show worked out.

    It’s not like his match with flair in TNA drew amazing ratings.

    Who thinks this guy matters anymore? His comment the other day on Dixie not being a true wrestling businesswoman is true in the sense that she must be out of the loop, since Hogan and the one-trick pony Bischoff are still employed and given a tremendous amount of push.

  • Why are the news reporters trying push Hogan away from wrestling? Hogan knows business. When he finds the right opponent he should step into the ring with them. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Street Fight between Hogan and Bully Ray if Bully ends up being apart of Aces/8s.

    • Jimmy

      Hogan knows as much about the business as you do about anything. Which is nothing. If he really knew alot then TNA would be skyrocketing right now. But instead it’s become questionably even worse than before. Your probably the only one that wants to see Hogan still competing, if you wanna see him compete go watch his old DVD or something. TNA has too much young talent capable of main eventing to put Hogan in a match.

    • SoulFool

      Get F*&^ing Real !!!

  • lee

    The one thing that is sad about Hogan is that he don’t own any of his matches. The same can be said about Flair too.

  • SoulFool

    Hogan has been conceded , selfish , and egomaniacal FOREVER…BROTHER !!! And if Dumbass Dixie is that much of a fool to allow him to compromise Her company further by letting him get back in the ring and show the fans what an even bigger ass he really is then that is on her !!!