Hulk Hogan Returning To Impact Wrestling Next Week

Hulk Hogan will return to Impact Wrestling next week to join Sting in calling out the Aces & Eights faction.

  • _JIM_

    Didn’t Hogan just have another back surgery? I also thought that I read on Twitter that someone had posted that there was something else wrong with Hogan while he was recovering from this most recent back surgery. Not sure how he’s going to be getting around well enough to be of any use in a fight if that’s what happens when they call out Aces and Eights. If he actually took the time to let his back heal properly after these back surgeries, instead of jumping right back into the ring, maybe it wouldn’t require other surgeries so soon. His back is horrible, and from what I’ve read he says he’s a full inch or two shorter than what he was when he started wrestling because of dropping all those big leg drops throughout the years. Landing on the base of his spine a few thousand times like he has sure couldn’t have done him any good.