Hulk Hogan Returns To London, Ziggler/Batista, Bray Wyatt Gets SportsCenter Shout Out

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- Here are a couple of video clips from this week's episode of Smackdown in London, England:

The Immortal Hulk Hogan returns to London:

Dolph Ziggler vs. Batista - No Disqualification Match:

- Bray Wyatt received a shout out on SportsCenter as anchor Robert Flores was recapping the mascots race of Teddy Roosevelt and Potato Pete during Friday night's Nationals/Pirates game. The shout out of "looking like Bray Wyatt" was given when one of the mascots speared the other.

  • David F

    I really enjoyed the Ziggler v Batista match. I dont get how WWE dont see main event potential in Ziggler.He brings it every single night and he and Batista had ppv quality match. Its also bad lesson for roster to lose your push due to concussion. Ziggler deserves better and hopefully someday he will move up card soon.

  • Trapdoor

    You’d think, in a week where they’ve had serious issues from over advertising, they wouldn’t of opened Smackdown with a section whose sole purpose, was to advertise a service that won’t be available in the UK for at least 8 months.

  • jman72485

    That’s why they need 2 world titles. I think they should do something similar to the brand extension. Exepet every one can challange for what ever title. On ppvs they could showcase one world title and in the next one the other, so they could have better buildups for the feuds. Same thing for the mid card title’s. If they gonna have two do the same for that. Each ppv can have a few lower card matches, a mid card title match , a tagteam match a divas match a nd a world title one (either wwe or whc) two world titles means more opportunity do guys like ziggler, cesaro, del Rio even rvd

  • Dave Barton

    …because Bray Wyatt has given/taken so many spears? (sarcasm)

    I’m missing the connection, other than a non-wrestling fan throwing out a random wrestler name to a random wrestling move.

    • Justin

      I agree with you, and I disagree with you. I agree with you that it was a poor reference. Obviously, Bray doesn’t spear people. However, you’re wrong about Flores, who is definitely a wrestling fan. Flores tweets about the WWE a lot and he was a guest on JR’s podcast.

      • Dave Barton

        I never heard of Flores, so I was taking a shot in the dark as to why he would associate the spear with Bray Wyatt. Maybe he’s just high up on Wyatt and wanted a reason to throw his name out.

        • Justin

          That might be true. I just think that he made a mistake. It happens.