Hulk Hogan Ruffles Feathers With Twitter Comments; On Opposite Ends Of Dixie Carter

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For those that missed it over the weekend, Hulk Hogan had some words on Twitter that ruffled some feathers. Hogan Tweeted one of his followers and said that going live would "solve 75% of the issues" in regards to problems with TNA.

Both Hogan and Eric Bischoff are very big supporters of the company doing live television. Remember when they came into TNA back in 2010 they convinced Dixie Carter to not only move Impact to a live slot but to move to Monday nights to compete with WWE Raw. The move failed and Dixie Carter called it her single biggest mistake in the company's history.

  • Ayat

    any reason why it failed ??!!
    can it any how be solved hopefully soon then ??!!

  • Aldin94

    Well the ratings are the same now as what they got on mondays. Might aswell go live on Thursdays.

    • Joe O.

      Their schedule is similar to WWE’s with travel and house shows so it’d be nearly impossible to go live on Thursdays.

  • bear

    they cant afford it!

  • Daryl

    Failed because obsolete

  • Philip Thompson

    I think that they should go live – but certainly not competing against RAW, Smackdown or MMA programming. I don't see it solving 75% of the TNA problems though – unless Hogan thinks that he, Flair and Bischoff only account for 25% of the problems. TNA was doing ok when Jeff Jarrett was running it – Dixie wanted to run before she could walk and knew very little about the wrestling business.

  • Alex P

    I think getting rid of Hulk Hogan and Bischoff would solve 75% of TNA's problems

    • Raven

      No it wouldn't.

      Popular opinion or not, but TNA ratings wise are currently in the exact same spot that they were in before Hogan & Bischoff came in. And guess what, before Hogan & Bischoff came in people were hating on Vince Russo and TNA – all Hogan & Bischoff coming in has done is give the IWC new targets that's all.

      If Hogan & Bischoff left TNA tomorrow then 3 months down the road TNA and it's lead writer (even Paul Heyman) would be getting bashed from pillar to post and you know that's true.

  • Kevin

    They never gave the move to Mondays a chance. They only did it for a few weeks. They needed to stick with it and give it longer to work. I was EXCITED to hear they were moving to Mondays. I miss the Monday Night Wars, and I thought moving TNA to Mondays was a great idea. I'm not sure what the numbers were, but I think if they had stuck with the move for a longer period, it would have proven to be a win.