Hulk Hogan Says Bret Hart Is Old & Bitter

Hulk Hogan was asked on Twitter why Bret Hart had an issue with him. Hogan's response was as follows:

I was always his friend,I don't get it.bitter, old age I got along great with his dad and family?life is to good for haters. HH

In an interview with Wrestletalk TV, Hart said Hogan and Eric Bischoff were worthless. You can watch his comments at this link.

  • Michael

    I’ll be the first to admit that Bret has made some silly statements lately the one about HHH not being a top 100 wrestler. However I agree with Bret here Hogan is not helping tna and the way that they use Styles is dumb. And is Hogan really acting like he had a bad memory, Hogan refused to lose the wwf title to Bret back in Hogan’s last run before going to wcw. It was hulk who told bischoff to keep Bret off television and out of the world title picture when he still had creative control over his contract. Hogan being Hogan refused to lose to Bret, he refused to lose in the rematch that never took place with Shawn Michaels. Hogan refused to lose to Austin if the match would’ve ever taken place. Hogan may have helped get wrestling into main stream but Hogan only cares about Hogan nothing has changed. Hogan uses politics better than any other wrestler before or after him. Bret has a reason to hate Hogan and bischoff they tried to destroy his career.

    • soulfool

      I agree w/ You on all the Hogan shit You pointed out , but…Your wrong about him being the best politics player in the biz !!! HHH is right there w/ him to take that cake !!! The Son-in-Law of Master McMahon…LOL !!! Look @ the guy’s career since He joined WWF/E (The Kliq-Nash , Hall , HBK =notorious for it , and 1/2 of The NWO aka Hogan’s/Bischoff’s Boy’s…DX , Marries Steph , The Rest is History) !!! Hogan and Bischoff have contributed NOTHING AT ALL but bad karma to TNA/IW and Dixie is wet from them being apart of her company , all the while ignoring the fact that it is being destroyed from w/i but these moronic boobs…just like they did to WCW !!!

  • Chris

    Or, as it’s really been translated “Hey…Kettle, you’re black.”

  • Win

    I think he meant Linda.

  • stoney

    1984 was the birth of hulkamania, it was also the birth of an egotistical monster that still exists to this day

  • soulfool

    Bret Hart is speaking his mind on this issue and He is correct !!! Although , Bret still harbor’s resentment for HBK/Vince cause of The MSJ…In all reality , He is right about Hogan/Bischoff being bums and manipulating TNA and all the other Wrestling promotions they worked w/ for mad money and very little productivity !!! Hogan is a self-serving , no-good loser egomaniacal asswhole who only want’s what’s best for him and his talentless daughter !!! Face it , The man is a POS that isn’t worth antshit in the garden , and Legends like Sting keep stroking the clowns ego as if He is STILL the be all , end all of PW !!! WAKE THE FU** UP , OLD TIMER’S…This is 2013 , Not The 80’s-90’s !!! He is a using manipulator , a fraud , and also a parasite who lives off the hardwork and dedication of those that are 40 times better than he EVER WAS or EVER WILL BE !!!

  • soulfool

    But , to be fair…I have to place most of the blame out of ignorance on Dixie !!! She is The Hogan’s/Sting’s/Bischoff’s chief enabler in this fiasco and what ever will be , will be !!! In essence , Hogan has NOOOOOOO room calling anyone a hater…being that all he has done since after His divorce from Linda was degrade and trash her !!! FU** that Cocksu**ing Bastard…Talk about bad karma !!!

  • soulfool

    But then again , He got alot of payback recently , hasn’t He ?!? No Talent Jerk-off !!!

  • soulfool

    Old…Look @ who’s talking about old…

  • soulfool

    Mr.Get Surgery after Surgery and let TNA foot the bill !!!