Hulk Hogan Says He Was Lobbying For Scott Steiner, Didn't Know How He Really Felt About Him

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Hulk Hogan responded to Scott Steiner today on Twitter. For those who haven't seen, Steiner has buried Hogan on Twitter, as shown here and here:

  • Joe O.

    I’m still believing Steiner on this one… This doesn’t sound like the Hulkster we know. There would be more attitude and a lot more BROTHER’s in his tweets. I think someone is controlling his Twitter account and making Hogan look upset by this when I’m sure he could care less.

  • Matt Scott

    Is Hogan that stupid that he thinks everyone loves having him in TNA? So many people have been vocal about him being there ruining the product but he's blissfully pussy footing along like the world loves him!

  • Joe O.

    Also, I just want to throw this scenario out while I’m thinking about it to see what you think Richard or Kendra… What do you think about the WWE signing Steiner? Hear me out. The WWE already doesn’t think much of TNA/IW and with Steiner ripping them to shreds it would be a way to bury the company even more. That way, you can also bring in another big name that could program with someone like Ryback who VM is obviously high on. Then you can get Ryback over as the next “Genetic Freak” and get him over to possibly program him eventually with Brock Lesnar. I think it’s a bit crazy myself but it’s much more creative then what either company has been coming up with lately IMO.

    • kbunyon

      First off, thanks for including me in this question.

      I really don't think Steiner has a lot to offer the WWE as an in ring performer, but I do think he has a lot to offer the company as a whole. I cannot see Steiner in a role like Rock or Brock (I agree with Richard, it's fun how their names rhyme), but I could see him in more of a Foley-esque role. On camera some, but pushing the company as a whole, or anywhere he's needed.

      The thing I can't agree with you on is taking in Steiner to trash TNA. Hogan, Bisch and the little company they work for is barely a blip on VKM's monitor. Of course they keep tabs on TNA, but in reality they're no competition, therefore they have no reason to squash them.

      I've always been a huge Steiner fan and I think he could do well in the WWE, but his ring work has left a lot to be desired in recent years. He just can't go the way he did back in the day. I will agree that Steiner and Ryback could be an interesting combination, but I don't see it happening. I seem to remember relations aren't the best with Steiner. I could be wrong as that's Richard's area of expertise, but there's something niggling in the back of my brain that I just can't pull up about Steiner at this point. I just don't see it happening.


    • Matt Scott

      That would be a great match for insomniacs

    • John

      No offense to you Joe but that idea is ridicules. Number one, why would WWE ever want to bury a company they don’t even acknowledge? As far as they are concerned, TNA doesn’t exist! Second, why in the bluest of blue hell would wwe hire Scott Steiner knowing full well the guy, although a “good” wrestler and a funny on the mic sometime and still in grest shape, is passed his prime and is not a name that would draw. Also Steiner hates Triple H and has been very critical of WWE in the past. WWE is only bringing back talent that can draw big time money

      • Joe O.

        Like I said, it was a crazy idea that I just wanted to throw out there and get some debate going. I full heartedly realize this is dumb and a pointless consideration but I just wanted to see what kind of reaction it would draw. I don’t have a problem with people telling me I’m wrong or crazy for thinking that but as Kendra says let’s keep it classy. 🙂

  • Anaconda Vice

    Hulk was sent there by WWE to slowly destroy it from within. To get rid of the competition.

  • thatguy

    Steiner still draw money? hahahahahahaha

  • Dangerous Lee

    Everyone suggesting Steiner to wwe is forgetting one big problem. The wellness policy! No chance in hell he will pass it!

    • Jessie Skys

      Steiner’s a jerk!

  • Ellen Brennan

    Hulk Hogan is so full of Hulk Hogan he wouldn't know REALITY if he fell over it.

  • matt

    Money and Talent i him? He's 40 freaking 9 years old, his best years are long since behind him.

  • Jessie Skys

    Hogan’s an idiot!

  • Cena Sucks