Hulk Hogan Says He Won't Be Returning To TNA Wrestling

A follower asked Hulk Hogan on Twitter if he would be coming back to TNA Wrestling. Hogan responded by saying he won't be returning to the company. You can see the post at this link.

This is hardly groundbreaking and is almost not even worth mentioning. Hogan wants to return to WWE and has aspirations of facing John Cena at Wrestlemania XXX. I know it sounds ridiculous but it's something Hogan has eyed for months. Hogan left TNA because he refused to take a pay cut in exchange for more years on his deal.

I laid out why I'm not interested in Hogan returning to the ring at this link.

  • Mike McCarthy

    It would be great to have Hogan return as a manager, provides a huge opportunity for somebody on the roster, maybe even someone from NXT.

    • Its just Teddy

      Hogan only looks out for Hogan.

      • Mike McCarthy

        It’s not like he’ll be doing it out of the grace of his heart, he’ll be doing it for the paycheck

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    I’m okay with Hogan returning to the WWE, but not to in-ring action. Cena V Hogan? Can’t say I’m excited for it in the slightest. Hogan interrupting Cena’s match at WM30 would be interesting, but then again that would just be a repeat of WM27.

  • Paul

    At least he hasn’t buried TNA on twitter…yet, which is what I expected when I opened this post. “Well you know something brother, TNA is run by marks and AJ styles is a mark and Dixie is a super mark! It’s time for Hulkamania to run wild all over Cena and for TNA to go live in mark land! Brother! HH”

    Followed by a subsequent delete.

  • King A sshoel

    I’ll give Hogan the benefit that he deserves one last match in WWE, but not against Cena, or in a Main Event, but as Hulk Hogan’s Last Stand. Picture this: Hogan, Flair and Piper are all going against the Shield at Wrestlemania, and early in the night Ambrose and Rollins take out Flair in the back and cut a promo on Hogan. Later in the night, during Piper’s entrance, Roman Reigns spears him into a barricade, taking Hot Rod out. The Shield should gloat about how Hogan’s the only one left and how he probably shouldn’t come out and even try to fight them. Then there a long period of Hogan not coming out, and the Shield taunting him, while the fans cheer louder for him, until finally he comes out, and instead of posing or feeding the crowd, he should just walk to the ring and throw all of his gear off. Once in the ring Hogan should absolutely get his ass kicked, getting hit with all three of their finishing moves, yet still trying to fight, never fully giving in, before finally getting hit with a Triple Power Bomb to end the match. After the match Ambrose should raise his weight belt up and shout, “I KILLED HULKAMANIA!” while Hogan does a stretcher job out of the ring.
    While this scene is unlikely, and somewhat grim, I wouldn’t want a Hulk Hogan Grand Return, we’ve seen it, its played out, but Hulk Hogan’s Last Stand is perfect for at this point. He’s going to fight a fight he can’t win, but he’s going to try, and he might make you believe he can, but he’s not. As a former Hulkamaniac, the Hulk Hogan character doesn’t give up, no mater what, and that should be his downfall.

    • Paul

      Interesting however Hogan would not be physically able to take one of the shields finishing moves, nor would he want to. He would rather strut to the ring, air guitarring to real American, whilst the undertaker, john cena, cm punk, Daniel Bryan, Kane, big show and triple h have been dominated by the shield and they need saving by the immortal hulkster. I can picture him now throwing slow motion punches and clearing out the shield

  • BIG M

    Never did anything for TNA anyway.

  • Lebron James

    I’d like to see him return as a manager, maybe a member of the authority, or the gm of raw. He can be valuable in the WWE. Maybe he’ll put guys over for once. Who knows. If he does face Cena, it should be in some filler PPV. That way they increase sells for it, but don’t waste a valuable main event spot in one of the big 4.

  • Matt

    I used to have a lot of respect for Hogan, but it’s diminished in recent years. Recently I saw a pick of him taken at a Comic-Con. Behind him is a piece of paper:

    “SIGNED 8 x 10 – $60

    Can we say highway robbery?! I’d like to meet the Hulkster, certainly, but I’m not about to bleed my pockets dry just for the opportunity to shake his hand!

    • Ricky

      You are also talking about the guy who considered suicide because he ONLY had $12 million in his name according to that bleeding heart Finding Hogan.

  • Razmos

    You are all against the man that helped build WWE returning? To a grand stage that he played a part in developing? You guys need to remember that Hogan was the idol for most people who stepped foot in that ring.

    I am not saying he should wrestle, but why not come back to oppose the corperate faction NWO style.

  • Harsh

    This is great because I love hogan and tna is not agood company for hulk hogan.Ilike too see hogan at Wrestlemania 30 to face Roody piper.