Hulk Hogan Says If His New Concept Doesn't Work For TNA, He's "Hightailing It Out Here"; Explains How Booby Roode As Champion Is Working Backwards

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The New York Post has a new article online featuring quotes from Hulk Hogan. In the piece, Hogan discusses the current state of TNA and how he plans on working backwards to get where they need to be. Below are two notable quotes:

New concept for TNA:

“We are going to give more power to the fans, make them more involved and more important,” Hogan said. “I can’t say much more, but I can say this, I’m either going to be really right on this one or really wrong. If I’m wrong, you probably won’t see me again because I’ll be hightailing it out of here.”

How Bobby Roode as TNA Champion is "working backwards":

“If you wanted a quick fix, right now, you would put the belt on Jeff Hardy,” Hogan said. “That would fix a bunch of stuff right now, but that is not working backwards from where we need to be. Right now, to work to that point, the belt needs to stay with Bobby Roode. He’s a guy who we are bringing up and is a constant. As we build him up it’s like a volcano that ready to explode.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • G Ilyas

    Correct if I'm wrong, I thought one of the core rules for pro wrestling was to keep creative plans and all that is going on backstage as a secret!! I'm not expecting much from this but if it's good just stop wasting time on interviews and put more efforts to make it successful

    • jdl

      This is Hogan we're talking about, he doesn't have a professional bone in his body, don't expect the rules of the industry to apply to him.

  • Derek

    Hogan basically saying that if I screw up TNA like we did to WCW, I'm running just like I did then. Wow. Shows his true character right there.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I don't see him hightailing it out of TNA

  • steve2

    You’re losing all credibility, brother!

  • Abe

    I like the way he put the Roode situation. Insult and bury, but make it sound like praise

  • Ellen Brennan

    Brother! Don't let the door hit you when you leave!

  • Jitters84

    Great way for hogan to bury his champion.. Such a shame.. IMO It was Russo bischoff and hogan who ruined wcw.. By bringing in his buddies.. Sure they draw.. But it gets old seeing them week after week “dominate” everyone.. Tna has young core guys.. They could be something if they were able.. But as far as I’m concerened unless dixie cleans house from top to bottom.. It will be just like WCW..

    • Tony P.

      You’re an idiot. Ted Turner ruined wcw when he sold it. They had nothing to do with that at all

  • Snitch

    Well I for one enjoy the new style. I hope it progresses further. Watching the show it feels like it has a sense of energy so good luck to TNA and Hogan.

  • Shawn

    Hulk hogan has always been and will forever be a coward. I don’t care what he did for the business. But what he’s doing to those poor and I mean poor.. good talent his f *** in horrible he nd flair need to get the f out like the wwe did