Hulk Hogan Set To Re-Debut With WWE On Feb. 24 Raw, Photographed At Performance Center

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TMZ Sports photographed Hulk Hogan, in full Hulkamania gear, training at the WWE Performance Center. They reported that Hogan will re-debut with WWE on the February 24, 2014 episode of Monday Night Raw in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They also note he's scheduled to appear at Wrestlemania XXX in April. You can read their coverage at this link.

We reported here on that Hogan was in fact back with WWE and the plan as of early this month was for him to guest host Wrestlemania XXX.



    • dean

      Hogan may be too old to wrestle matches in the ring but he is still a great con artist and can shill the wwe network to the masses like it is the greatest invention since the home computer.

      • You mean…it’s *not*?

      • Mysterion

        You calling the network a con? How so?

        • He’s calling Hogan a con artist and, while I think that’s a little harsh, I totally see where he’s coming from. He can make mountains out of mole hills better than anyone except Vince himself. If that’s his function, he’ll come through.

          • dean

            Hogan’s success in pro wrestling is his CHARISMA. the guy knows how to sell things to the public.

          • He absolutely does. I couldn’t agree more. He has “it” in a way that most workers can only dream of.

  • Venom

    Why is he training at the Performance Center?????

    • I kid you not. I thought *exactly* those words as I read this. My greatest fear is the idea of seeing geriatric ring work. If that’s where this is going, check, please.