Hulk Hogan Superfan Asked To Remove Hulkamania Gear At TNA Bound For Glory

Hulk Hogan superfan George Antoun attended TNA Bound for Glory on Sunday in San Diego, California, sitting across from the hard camera in section 2, row 1, seat 11. George, who traveled from Australia, decided to pay tribute to Hogan by bringing a Hogan sign and wearing full Hulkamania gear.

TNA staff approached George during the pay-per-view and asked him to put the sign down. They later asked him to remove his Hulkamania gear and they would give him some TNA merchandise to replace it. George, who documented the experience on Twitter, refused to comply.

Antoun also attended Bound for Glory Fan Interaction dressed in a similar fashion. The following is a photo with ODB from Twitter:

Hogan's employment of TNA Wrestling was a hot topic leading up to Bound for Glory as his contract was up at the beginning of the month and a new deal was not reached.

  • Scott Davies

    Funny thing is they would have to refund his money if they kicked him out.

  • BabaBooey

    Are out kidding me? That’s ridiculous that he actually traveled across the world to see TNA and they treated one of their few precious fans like that.

  • Jesse Sherwood

    This is really ridiculous. You could clearly see him throughout BFG and TNA had no problem with him then. The fact he is from Australia makes it even worse because he would not only have been out the event price, but his costs for the flight and hotel expenses for that event. And it isn’t like they do it for their “competition’s” shirts! I can’t tell you how many Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Randy Orton, and John Cena shirts I see in the crowd each week!

  • Dave

    Hogan WM 30. It’s obvious.

  • Clint

    this is news, doesnt WWE do this on a regular base to fans that have certain signs and dress in certain ways that they dont agree with, TNA Haters hate for any reason

    • Rocky Solmon

      WWE does do that I have been at WWE shows where security not even affiliated with WWE told people they had to wear their shirt inside out or buy a new shirt! On the other hand I went to a TNA show in 2012 and wore a WWE shirt and all that happened was Don West jokingly said you have got to buy a new shirt and I did!

  • smark calloway

    yeah but to be honest ,just look at it…hes a grown man dressed up like hulk hogan !! and hes not even wearing it for laughs is he ? ( i could accept that, that would be funny..but hes a grown man who is still a hogan mark ..its cringeworthy ) he gives adult wrestling fans a bad name. remember when dixie carter herself said that “the average tna fan is like the 40 year old virgin guy ” ( her quote , not mine ) hes not exactly doing anything to shatter that stereotype is he

    • Tony

      Smark Collaway, you need to chill out man. The guy looks like his having fun, flew across the globe to get there and has the balls to dress up like that. I give him credit. Good on him for refusing to take it off. After all it’s wrestling show. People dress up like Hogan, Sting…etc.

      • smark calloway

        yeah but honestly it is people like him that give wrestling a bad people that dont watch wrestling, they think that all fans are weirdos like him. i went to atlanta for wrestlemania with my gf a few years back ,and when i went through customs and whatnot at the airport they asked me why i was coming into the u.s.. when i told them we were there for wrestlemania, the lady said ” really? you dont look like wrestling fans “( as we werent decked out in silly clothes and we didnt have titles drapped over our shoulder )..i heard some non fans talking in an elevator at the hotel there too, and they were saying ” why do those wrestling fans walk around with those belts, its not like they won them or anything ..they just look silly ” …maybe if some fans werent such idiots ,wrestling wouldnt be seen as a joke to the general public.. how many people actually admit to watching wrestling and being a fan because they know they will be ridiculed..i remember reading on here a while back that even richard himself felt a bit embarassed telling people he was ” a wrestling journalist ” because of what people will say

        • Sam

          Smark you shouldn’t be watching wrestling.your just negative

  • Linda Partington

    It’s not the first time I have heard that fans dressing as their heroes have been asked to remove their outfits! It’s crazy for a company to do this as it doesn’t encourage people to buy their merchandise! If someone wants to dress up it is their business! I would have thought that TNA would be flattered if all the fans dressed up as their favourite wrestlers! The fact that the guy dressed as Hulk Hogan and Hulk is no longer with the company shouldn’t matter! Most of the wrestlers wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for Hulk Hogan! He is a legend! Most wrestling fans love him for what he has contributed to the wrestling business. Don’t spoil people’s fun! Chill out! Nobody actually thought he was Hulk Hogan and he didn’t try to cause a fight!

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    So here’s my question: Is TNA management carrying the kayfabe Hogan Hater Club too far, or is the TNA Hogan Hater Club for real?

  • goregod

    so wwe does the samething

  • number1bigdaddy

    brother that’s wrong