Hulk Hogan Talks About Wrestlemania 30 - Says Stone Cold Vs. Hulk Hogan Should Have Happened

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Hulk Hogan is still going through the media blitz formation even after Wrestlemania 30 as he appeared for a short interview with WPXI-Pittsburgh. In the interview, Hulk talked about Wrestlemania last night, the WWE Network, the Andre the Giant trophy presented last night and that one match that should have happened between him and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Below is the video (or at this link):

  • Matt

    That match would be so awesome!

  • H.M.

    Stone Cold/Hogan would have been quite the spectacle…15 years ago. Heck, just saying that tempts me to want to rant about how much we missed out on some DREAM matchups during that Invasion Angle in 01. Lol.

  • Paul

    Well we all know why it didn’t. There’s no way the mighty Hulk Hogan could put over the top grossing wrestler of all time, brother!

    • Rus

      He didn’t have a problem letting the Rock beat him, maybe he should have beaten Steve Austin