The Very Latest On Hulk Hogan's Contract Status With TNA Wrestling - Is He Finished With TNA In Attempt To Return To WWE Or Is A Big Swerve Coming To Impact?

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Tuesday is October 1, 2013 and the day Hulk Hogan's contract with TNA Wrestling is believed to be expired. Here's what we've been about to find out.

TNA has been trying to negotiate an extension with Hogan at a reduced price but without much success. As with many TNA deals, the last year of Hogan's contract is an option year. With most talent, the option year is simply at TNA's discretion, although with a small handful of the bigger names, the option goes both ways. So Hogan was not planning on opting out, wanting to continue for another year at his current price.

The word out of Hogan's camp was that he felt TNA was bluffing and they wouldn't actually decline the option for the final year of his contract, despite the word being out they needed to reduce costs and wanted to negotiate an extension at a lower price.

Hogan has now accepted that TNA is not going to pick up his option so he can either negotiate a contract extension at a lower price or he can leave. Hogan still has WWE aspirations but no one, other than maybe Hogan himself, believes there is interest in him trying to work a match at Wrestlemania XXX next year. He's now at the point where he may have to take the pay cut to stay with TNA. The relationship with the two parties isn't bad but as we've reported, Dixie Carter has taken a harder stance with him the she would have just six months ago.

As of press time, negotiations continue but Hogan hasn't completely given up on returning to WWE. If TNA gets a deal done, expect a swerve to take place in storylines.

  • Xavier

    R.I.P TNA.

  • Nostaljack

    Let. Him. Go.

  • Santaisreal

    Hogan only helped spike up the ratings once and that was when he first deputed in TNA. Since then all he has done is suck TNA dry of money! Get rid of him he’s not worth it. (i’m still mad at him for helping getting rid of the six sided ring as well. I have not watched TNA since then.)

  • Leonard De Monte

    What would Hogan do in WWE ? Also why the hell would WWE Take him back.