Hulk Hogan To Shave Off Mustache & Head; Update On Emergency Dental Surgery

In a major breaking news item, TMZ reports Hulk Hogan will be shaving off his iconic mustache and shaving his head for some upcoming movie auditions.

Hogan says he's doing better after Tuesday's emergency dental surgery but did provide wisdom to children.

"Theme for the day is ... kids, take care of your teeth." Hogan was quoted by the celebrity-gossip publication.

You can view video of Hogan talking to TMZ embedded in the video below:

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  • Paul

    “major breaking news”……..really?

    • John


      • wnwdotcom2

        Yeah. Major, major, MAJOR breaking news. Hahahah

  • Patrick V

    NOT DA STACHE lol breaking news what a joke

    • Dave Barton

      Back in the Nitro days (pre-NWO) Kevin Sullivan’s gang forceably shaved Hogan’s mustache.

  • torben

    Hopefully this will keep Hogan off TV for even longer!

    • Van

      yeah.he along with Eric Bischoff were laughing at us when we were angry over them screwing Bobby Roode by having them lose to Angle at Bound For Glory then give James Storm the Heavyweight Championship instead that week.if he comes on Impact with a bald head and his moustache shaved off,we'll be the ones laughing at him

  • Victor

    Hulk hogan is a fake and he cant wrestle he belongs in TNA were the old farts go and try to still wrestle The Undertaker is GOD

  • Tricky

    If this is happening, I start to wonder who is Garrett's trainer?

  • Eiji

    I remember him cutting his mustache off back around 97, he just had that black stubble. I think it was for that ninja movie. haha

  • Rosey

    Well victor, you obviously don’t know crap. Hogan can’t wrestle and is a fake, really, and undertaker is god, really. Hogan is the man who made all these wrestlers today, including undertaker. Hogan is an icon in the wrestling world and will continue to be. Who is thinking of taker now that he has been out for so long, maybe a handful of people. But when hogan is gone for a period of time people constantly ask , write, and plea to fever him back. Hogan was and still will be the man. You obviously have never heard of all the charity work for instance wish for kids that hogan did and continues to do. Hogan carried companies on his back for so long. I’d like to see what your god the undertaker has done or does… Wait he does keep a variety of tattoo shops in business.

    • Brandon Ceielo

      I have been saying The Undertaker is "God" for years as well. I do respect Hogan for his charity work and putting wrestling on the map (at the time), but I can't remember many matches of his that I actually liked. Other than Hogan / Flair, Hogan / Sting and Hogan / Savage, I can't think of any.
      Taker has consistently had good matches since I can remember. Especially 1997 onwards or so. Even with his health problems, he still has amazing matches. Hogan hasn't helped TNA at all other than the first few weeks, but come on, is he carrying TNA? Honestly, I doubt even Taker would be able to help TNA the way it's run and without promotions (commercials and such).

      • Fan

        Hogen and Andra the Giant was good Wrestlemania 3