Hulk Hogan Training For "Last Time Around The Block"

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Hulk Hogan has continuously teased he wants to wrestle again, even going as far as saying he'd like to be TNA Champion.

TNA Champion Bully Ray said while doing media for Slammiversary that after he finished with Sting, he was aiming for a program with Hogan.

The following is from the Hulkster's Twitter:

Stay tuned.

  • There’s one thing about this that i see it as and that is creating talk. Hogan writes one thing and it is going to be publicized. Nothing wrong with that at all, but he knows how to get people stirring. Hogan loves using Twitter to do that. He wanted those writers fired on, but, sorry Hulk, they are still writing!

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    I really truly hope that this is only to get ppl talking and nothing else. What’s the use of training and whatever with fake hips and bad knees? When is Hogan gonna learn that his time has come and gone a long time ago! Even his stint in wwe back in 2002-2003 was already passed his prime. The guy spends decades building himself up as one of the all time greats and in just three years he’s gonna tarnish everything!

  • dunlap84

    Can u transform from irrelevant to relevant, but in all honesty I look for Hulk to hook up with Rob Terry since its obvious TNA has no wellness policy and come back roided out as ever, ego through the roof and only because Dixie Carter apparently either loves watching her product fail or she wants to be in Hulk’s next romp in the sheets video, will win the TNA title further pushing ratings to all time lows. In the late 80’s into the early 90’s I loved Hulk, but in the last 10 odd years or so I’ve watched him tarnish what was a very proud and successful legacy, let TNA live to fight another and stay out of the ring Hulk.

  • Ricky

    Only reason Hogan is in TNA was to give his daughter a job she can’t handle. Hogan is out for himself and himself only. He has to learn it’s not the 80’s anymore, he’s not THE GUY anymore. Even in TNA there are more deserving people like Styles, A Double, Storm, Roode, Samoa Joe. Yet he will bury them just so HE can hold the title.

  • chris

    I hope he beats Bully Ray for the title. So TNA will go bankrupt, put out of it’s misery, and WWE buys out all the young guys and makes the WWE roster great again.

  • Kenneth

    What’cha gonna do, Brotha, when you have to spend the remaining years of your life being wheeled around and having someone wipe your backside for you?

  • Charles

    Hulk Hogan at this age = The Great Khali. If there is a single human being in the entire world that thinks seeing Hogan wrestle in 2013 would be even remotely entertaining I would be truly shocked. Just having it discussed shows why TNA will never … EEEEEVER be in the same league as the WWE.

  • Hardy

    All he wants is to be able to claim yet another promotions title, tbh his in ring career is long over. Just put your giant ego aside for once and let others shine for a change BROTHER.