Hulk Hogan Training For Match; Wants John Cena As Opponent

Hulk Hogan held a meet and greet at iPlay America in Freehold, New Jersey on Saturday.

While there, Jimmy Hart essentially let it slip that Hogan will be featured on an upcoming episode of Raw.

Hogan said he's training to wrestle and his ideal opponent would be John Cena. This is something Hogan has lobbied for since he was with TNA but Vince McMahon and Triple H are not (or haven't been) on board. In fact, I was told when Hogan was negotiating with WWE, the company didn't want any deal to be contingent on a match. That's not to say it doesn't happen either.

  • Paul

    Of course he does…sigh

  • Dave Barton

    He also called for a match with “that nasty old rattlesnake” on Raw quite a few years ago…pretty sure it was a special edition. Bottom line (no pun intended), it never happened and I doubt a Hogan/Cena match will happen either.

  • BIG M

    Hogan can barely walk his body is so messed up and he wants to work another match thats just insane.
    I mean if he took Cena’s finisher he’d probably wind up in a wheelchair or worse.

  • Moose

    Instead of a match, he should challenge someone (Iron Shiek?) to a race on a Hoveround. It might be more entertaining…

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    Please noooooooooo

  • J Vomkrieg

    There are matches I would want to see less, but that short list includes a bra and panties match involving Khali and hornswoggle.

  • The Spinebuster

    Do a tag match Hogan & Cena vs HHH & Orton