Hulk Hogan Undergoes Surgery Last Night

Painful news out of the Hulk Hogan camp this morning as TMZ is reporting the Hulkster has been dealing with problems stemming from dental surgery he underwent back in October.

In October, Hogan had a sinus graft and then went to a cosmetic surgeon to get implants in his mouth. When the surgeon removed the mold in Hogan's mouth, they ripped out about 50 stitches from the previous procedure.

According to Hogan, he's been dealing with problems ever since as his mouth became infected and antibiotics weren't working.

Therefore Hogan underwent a CAT scan which revealed there was a metal tack left in his mouth. Hogan underwent surgery last night to remove the tack and clean out the infection. According to TMZ, he is already back home.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Dave L for sending us the link.

  • Jamsie

    Ouch brother.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    THat's why I hate going to the Dentist. 10 to 1 he sues.

    • BigMike

      as well he should

  • jenny

    they left something in your month i hear lawsuit coming get well soon brother

  • Brandon

    Must have an HMO dentist

  • Leg on the bottom rope, again

    Wow first he loses all his money to Linda err gold digger, then sues fruity pebbles n prob a dentist, I don’t see Charlie getting any of that money!

    • WNW Fan

      Or Little Jimmy either! LOL!

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