Hulk Hogan Has A Warning For Brock Lesnar; Eden & Lilian Garcia Talk Ring Announcing

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Hulk Hogan's Warning To Brock Lesnar

Hulk Hogan, while speaking with X17 Online, had some stern words for Brock Lesnar. In addition to speaking on the WWE Performance Center, John Cena, and more, Hogan said the following:

If he starts throwing my name around, Brock, you and Heyman, it's like that old country-western song, "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was," or however those words go. So, Brock Lesnar, you need to bite your tongue when you start throwing my name around. I've been tired of hearing it. I know this is all entertainment - we're supposed to have fun with it - but when he starts throwing my name around with my wife and kids, he's crossing a line.

The video is available at this link and embedded below:

Eden & Lilian Garcia Talk Ring Announcing

In Eden's latest video blog, she speaks with Lilian Garcia to get tips on her ring announcing. The video, which also features an appearance from The Great Khali, is available at this link and embedded below:

  • Zack

    How I feel when Hogan talks trash

    • Jim Evans

      –Zack—That’s all Hogan is =talk.

  • illdecide

    Yet hogan has no trouble bashing warrior. What a tool.

  • Splat

    “Party’s over grandpa.”

    • Jim Evans

      —-Splat—And Hogan looked really scared.

  • GetOverYourselfHogan

    Hogan: Because he knows he’s safe, as can’t compete.

    • Jim Evans

      If i was Brock, i would slap Hogan right in his old face.

  • Jim Evans

    If that old goat of a Hogan thinks he can beat Brock, he needs his head checked. As a mater of fact, i would love to see those two go against each other. Brock would cripple the old goat.

  • Jason

    Talking trash about a skilled MMA fighter… yeah.. Lesnar isnt an Entertainer. He will hurt Hogan and send him into permanent retirement after his face gets rearranged.

  • Xavier

    Did you guys even bother to watch the vid? Clearly Hogan wasn’t serious when he mentioned Brock

  • Yves Heinrich

    Lesnar has no shame, no wonder he doesn’t give a s*** about everyone, thanks to Cena who came into the ring before the “beast’ would be “unleashed”!

  • Megan

    Wait I know Brock is a real MMA fighter, but what if Hogan “Hulks up”? lol

  • Bubbles

    Yeah, but you have to give the old guy credit for still doing the photo’s with the kids. I’m sure he loves the publicity, but still, that’s pretty cool.