Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff Miss TNA Final Resolution; What Bischoff Spent The Night Doing

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Neither Hulk Hogan nor Eric Bischoff were at last night's TNA Final Resolution pay-per-view from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Bischoff spent his evening on Twitter, hurling insults at Hogan's ex-wife Linda.

This is the first pay-per-view since Hogan and Bischoff joined TNA in January 2010 that neither one was at the show.

  • @RatedMKD

    Epitome of professionalism.

  • ABNo4

    What a classy individual.

  • mantisboy

    Wow that is sad and pathetic even for Eric Bischoff.

  • Sarad limbu

    Those two oldies did nothing good for TNA,they came for themselves only,instead they used it as their career relauncher that’s it!! Their career is finished and so is their stardom

  • rob

    with out hogan their is no TNA.

    • wnwdotcom2

      I completely disagree. His impact has been minimal at best. While he was responsible for an initial ratings surge, the numbers have been about the same.

      • hazmatt

        his iMPACT! resonates throughout the company. its in the name. obviously another way him and Bischoff got over on the internet. we all suck compared to their genius.

    • HPK

      You Feeling OK ??

      • GODSENT83

        I think safe to say he was being sarcastic, if not his mom might’ve given birth standing up

    • Patrick_Peralta

      Truth is with out The Carter Family spending money on TNA there would be NO TNA today, JJ's money would have run out at about the time he was looking for somone to back the company. along came the Carter Family and saved his company.

    • xjcms

      um i'm the biggest hogan fan but he really did nothing for tna, david lagana will do more than hogan, but got one question for you whatcha goin do brothar

  • Brandon

    That’s bologna. What your saying is I have to pay in order for Hogan and Bischoff to stay off my TV!

  • Synyster Blaze

    Hogan and Bishoff are both sad worthless old men who were big back in their days but now they need to retire and let the younger guys perform and the same goes for Ric Flair

  • Pat

    What Bischoff says about Linda is true, therefore they are facts. Not insults.

  • Toyotaman

    Amen brother! Putem out to pasture!