Hulk Hogan's Beach Shop Opens This Week In Clearwater; Who Is The Hulkster Voting For?

ABC News has a new Q&A online with Hulk Hogan. In a weird connection, they interview him because he is a Tampa resident, where the Republican National Convention is taking place this week. Below is an excerpt:

ABC News: What's one place in town tourists don't know about, but should?

HH: Hulk Hogan's Beach Shop, I'm opening it this week. We have everything for the beach and some wrestling stuff too.

Editorial note: The shop is located in Clearwater on Mandalay Avenue, on the upper level of the Pelican Walk Plaza.

ABC News: Who are you voting for?

HH: I'm going to keep that a secret.

Click here to read the piece in its entirety.

  • Blake

    What is he voting for

    • Ken

      Next Monday's main event stip on Raw Active or whatever it's called.
      Do you want option number one – Streetfight?
      Do you want option number two – No Holds Barred?
      Do you want option number three – No Countout, No Disqualification?

      Yes, they're all the same, which does make the whole Twitter voting thing quite pointless, but on principle I think the Hulkster would go for option two, and…

      What, that's NOT what he's voting for?
      But what else IS there?

      What? WHAT! Oh…

  • PFElton

    I'm pretty sure the Hulkster is voting for Mitt Romney. He's backpedaled on his previous approval of Obama a couple times now.

    • James

      Just because you backpedaled on a few things doesn't make one not vote for someone. Its his choice and only he has a only one vote just as everyone else

      • William Shatner

        The funny thing is that none of those votes actually matter. The Federal Government of the United States of America is far too powerful a juggernaut to have its direction placed in the hands of the masses. These days the Presidency is about as relevant as the Intercontinental Championship. It's shiny, but it means nothing in the long run.

        • _JIM_

          Wow… That’s exactly what’s wrong with this country. Voting is the most important thing you can do for your country except maybe serving in the military during times of conflict. People thinking this way is why the voter turnout is embarassing. We have the right to vote the most powerful man in the world into office, yet people like you can’t even be bothered. What a shame…

          • William Shatner

            Wouldn't make a difference if I did or didn't, since I'm not American, don't live in America, and aren't entitled to vote in American elections.
            That's exactly what's wrong with your country, that you think you're the be-all and end-all of the world and rarely consider that there might be something beyond that.
            For clarity, I'm not saying don't vote, I'm saying it doesn't make a difference if you do or not.
            The US President is far from the most powerful man in the world. He's a figurehead puppet, same as any other head of state in any other major world nation.
            Any world nation has its agenda, its behind the scenes power, and while yes you can elect a president of the United States, what does that President actually do once you elect him? What changes? Sure, each has plans, dreams, ideas, but the election term is so short and the reelection process so long that any president, prime minister, whatever, doesn't have the opportunity to enact any major changes before he has to start spinning lies and propaganda to try and get elected for the next ineffective term in office.
            Not that the President has any real power anyway. There's too many limitations and checks and balances and legislative barriers for him to do anything of major note. If he had total power for that period of time then it would be different, but it's not.

            FYI, I vote locally, I just don't believe it makes any difference.

  • @william shatner: the last line of your rant contradicted EVERYTHING you wrote above it…good job.