Hulk Hogan's Contract Status Revealed

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We're being told that Hulk Hogan is still a free agent as of press time. Hogan was trying to leverage WWE against TNA Wrestling in hopes of landing a better deal, following TNA's decision to decline the option on his contract.

Triple H and Vince McMahon see Hogan as a face they can make a lot of money off of in terms of merchandise and licensing. Dixie Carter is not believed to have taken the WWE interest seriously until she realized the two parties were actually trying to work out a deal.

Hogan is scheduled to meet with Dixie Carter some time this week, while Triple H wants an answer as to whether or not he wants to return to WWE sooner than later. As we reported with Hogan's inclusion in WWE 2K14, him agreeing to be in the game was a precursor to this and he's trying to make the deal that benefits him the most.

  • Skip Mathias

    ** Quotes “Chaplin: The Musical” from Broadway **
    What’cha gonna do when it all falls down,
    and where you gonna go from there?
    What’cha gonna do when the money’s gone,
    and who you gonna buy to care?

    I heard that song in my head when reading this article, but added the word “Brotha!” after every “What’cha gonna do”.

  • LeftyTosser

    The saddest part for Dixie and TNA is that WWE has the mechanism in place to make tons of money off the Hogan name and TNA does not. He basically adds nothing to the TNA brand. It seems as if he is unwilling to work to help TNA, but is happy to collect a check from whomever is willing to write it. The past few years of him in TNA has been a total waste for both sides, with the exception of him collecting checks. He has done as much harm to the TNA brand as he has good. One of the problems that TNA seems to have is that there is no one “in control” to act as a buffer between the egos and the fans. Dixie appears to allow whatever someone wants to do to be put out there in front of the audience without a strong thought process and review to make sure it is what works best for continued growth of the company. At least when JJ was in charge the product seemed to make more sense from a storyline standpoint. It wasn’t perfect, but it did make more sense. Hopefully Hogan goes where he can still be seen by fans (boosting his ego) and Dixie finds a rudder for the ship at TNA. Having two wrestling organizations is certainly better for fans than just one. But they both have to be viable options.