Hulk Hogan's Latest Twitter Crisis, Revisiting His Current Status

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Hulk Hogan had a bit of a crisis on Twitter earlier on Monday as he apologized for being advertised for TNA Wrestling's tour of the United Kingdom next year. He Tweeted:

Once questioned, Hogan clarified:

Hogan and social media makes for entertaining times. The bottom-line is TNA wanted Hogan at a lower pay rate and he was having none of it. He's finished with the company as they aren't bending on their budget cuts. The last we heard he remained in negotiations with WWE but that neither Vince McMahon nor Triple H wanted a deal to be contingent on him getting a match at Wrestlemania XXX.

  • Ricky

    Either put Hogan on a legends Contract and pay him to stay home and make money off of selling Hogan Stuff or don’t sign him. We don’t need a Hogan match at Mania.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I believe his reasoning for not wanting a Legends contract is the same as Bret Hart’s – part of the contract is giving WWE the rights to their names and they are both wise to not sign that away

      • it’s about $. Hogan wants as much as he can get. And there’s nothing wrong with that either. It’s just funny when he was with TNA he claimed it was because he loved the business. He claimed at one point to be working without a contract. BS. This came down to money when they asked him to take less, he bolted.

  • T.A. Culton

    Whats the crisis? He responded to fans telling him one thing then followed up when the info was corrected and gave TNA some praise that they will kick butt on tour.

    • Sometimes sarcasm is hard to pickup on in written format.

      • GODSENT68

        Sarcasm possibly shouldn’t be used in the headline of an article in a serious website.

      • BMGabe

        usually ” ” works when trying to get that across