WWE In Bowling Green, WWE Hall Of Fame Headliner Announced Tonight?

- WWE has announced a house show from the EA Diddle Arena in Bowling Green, Kentucky on Saturday, March 24, 2012

- As I speculated in yesterday's YouTube report, do not be surprised if the headliner for this year's WWE Hall of Fame class is announced on tonight's Raw Supershow. While I cannot confirm an announcement will be made, it only makes sense given tickets go on sale on Saturday with a presale on Thursday.

  • Chris

    Edge as headliner for HoF?

    • wanderthewastes

      Too soon i’d give it like another year or 2

      • Matt Scott

        Yea they’d never do that. They didn’t with Shawn Michaels. Or Eddie.

        • Dylan

          They gave Shawn made a HoF a year after he left WWE.

      • James Mitchell

        I’d guess more than a year or two for Edge.

    • Dustyn

      I think that Edge should be inducted into the HOF when/if WrestleMania returns to Canada.

  • Ricky

    I'm guessing The Rock. If not The Rock, then The Undertaker.

  • tone

    Arn Anderson

    • cef

      Macho Man Randy Savage

  • Paul

    Undertaker would be cool

  • Frenchfry

    Bret Hart if hes not in it yet

    • H.M.

      He's in.

  • Dangerous Lee

    David arquette

  • Maze

    Paul Bearer has to be in there soon.

  • The Breaker

    It would make a lot of sense to induct Randy Savage into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

  • mark3man

    Im sure it’ll be the rock. Wm in miami plus he has agree’d to a wm match.

  • Robert

    Diesel (Kevin Nash) and Razor Ramon (Scott Hall)

  • Eric

    My top three guesses are Edge, The Rock, or The Undertaker. Edge because he retired last year (think Shawn Michaels). The Rock because it's in Miami. Undertaker because he's been around forever and this year will be his 20th, that's right 20th, WrestleMania match.

  • [email protected]@WWE

    It will be The Rock and announced tonight. Was leaked already, pic going around on Twitter with the proof…

    • Mrpopandlock

      Well how dumb do u feel right now.

  • Philip Thompson

    Johnny Ace!

  • Nature boy

    What’s wrong with all of you, Papa Shango err The Godfather!

  • Leg on the bottom rope, again

    Val Venis (headliner)

  • catfishman

    gotta be taker who else could draw the money

  • H.M.

    Owen Hart…please?

  • ben

    owen hart

    • Leg on the bottom rope, again

      Only if he comes in on a zip-line

      • Tim

        Haha it’s funny but come on man respect for Owen rip

  • Me.

    It all depends if Undertaker is wrestling his final Wrestlemania this year, or if they'll hold the streak to headline a future Mania. If he's announced as the headliner, he'll be in this year's Mania. If not, then not.

    • Tim

      Undertaker should face sheamus and put him over… Best thing wwe could do

  • mark3man

    Edge is in. Think savage may go in this year. Not sure if the godfather quote was a joke but he’d be a good shout for a mid card role.