IC Title, Impact Changing Timeslots, Cena Boring Chants, Should Ryback Join The Shield?

Why does it seem that the WWE Intercontinental Championship doesn't hold the same importance as it used too?

Some will argue the Intercontinental Championship isn't as prestigious because there are two World title belts and why I think the number of titles certainly plays a factor, it comes down to the company's vision for the belt. A title has prestige when it means something. The problem is when the titleholder is put under clean in a non-title match; no one takes the belt seriously. The counter point to this is, "well this shows anything can happen." My response is why not just change the belt? My steps in restoring prestige to the Intercontinental title are eliminating the US strap and no longer booking the IC champ to go under in a non-title match. The strap could then be used to help elevate an up and coming worker.

Why is TNA switching time slots again? Do they actually think the ratings will increase with the 'new' time slot?

TNA announced the time slot change as a result of last week's low viewership. When the audience gets that low, it precipitates immediate action. As I noted in my original report, when TNA drew 1.1 million viewers with their final Monday Impact, they immediately reverted back to Thursday nights. The bottom-line is low numbers like we saw last week prove that something just isn't working.

How can WWE ignore the "boring" chants during John Cena promos here lately?

John Cena just didn't start drawing "boring" chants. He's drawn this kind of reaction from IWCers for years now and WWE bills him as the star that garners the biggest reaction of any worker in the company. The only way we are going to see a change to the Cena character/gimmick is if it stops drawing.

Should Ryback join The Shield?

The Shield features three guys with ridiculously good in-ring skills and mic work. Ryback hasn't proven himself on either. Admittedly, he's got a better look but that's becoming less and less relevant in the business today. I don't see how adding Ryback to The Shield benefits anyone and think it would damage one of the best things WWE has going for them.

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  • Trey8161

    TNA changing times might turn out to be a disaster because Pawn Stars changes over to Thursdays at 9:00 that same day..TNA is doomed.

  • Illdecide

    Dolph Ziggler’s title almost feels like what the intercontinental title should be.

    • KingKongBrody

      That’s what happens when mid card talent gets a world title. U have been watching wrestling for 35yrs. The Miz, Dolph Ziggler guys like that should just not be getting heavy weight title shots or WWE Championships guys like that you’d stay on the mid card. I’m sorry I know how people like Ziggler but he’s no better than the Miz. everyones going to say how great Dolph Ziggler is I just want to say I don’t like him because he overreacts to everyone who he selling and he constantly hits himself in full view of the camera to get a better sound affect he’s the only guy that you see do this on a consistent basis, and he’s horrible on the mic and very boring in the ring. he’s also the only guy when he’s on TV I turn the channel to watch something else during raw or smackdown

      • “he constantly hits himself in full view of the camera to get a better sound affect” Agreed. I would say that is a bad habit he picked up in OVW. I use to goto OVW events all the time and Ziggler and others would annoy the hell out of me by doing that. Especially on kicks. I understand why it is done but when not done properly it just kills the whole thing.

      • Monty

        Yeh I been watching wrestling for 20 plus years and you couldn’t be more wrong even if you tried. What do you mean mid card guys should stay mid cards? That’s why WCW went down they thought like you and kept pushing only super heavy weights or big guys while their mid card wrestlers we stealing shows and soon after left for WWE and had huge amount of success

        Daniel Bryan as a champ was awesome and guess how I know that during some of his mathes against other mid card guys as you call em like cm punk people were chanting this is awesome

        We have seen what these multiple times champions can do so its fresh to see young guys getting a push

      • TheBigKing1

        I agree but i dont agree fully. I agree that he’s a midcarder and is still looked at as a midcarder. But I disagree with some midcarders getting the belt. If done correctly, it can elevate the midcarder to main eventer.

        The problem with the current “maineventers” in Smackdown is none of them seem like maineventers…none of them. My solutions is how they used to do it before, and that’s why Miz maineventing worked or R-Truth maineventing a little bit worked and it elevated them to maineventer, just didnt solidify them for different reasons. But they went against big maineventers, John Cena. When Christian was feuding for the WHC, he feuded with Orton. They are feuding with solidified maineventers. They need to go back to that. Mark Henry feuded with Orton & Big Show, solidified maineventers.

        And that brings me to my next point, the “maineventers” on Smackdown currently are still looked at as midcarders and none of them are looked at as solidified maineventers just yet. But the midcard on Smackdown with Henry/Orton, Show/ Sheamus, they are already solidified maineventers. And props to Henry for transitioning to solidified maineventer. Because once you get up there, you cant come back down. They wont even give him the IC or US championship that he never got yet because he’s too big for that. So future WWE Champion and future WHC then retire in 2 years. he will be good.

  • tomcatjerrymouse

    Besides the WWE title every other title in the WWE is treated as a joke. The world title is used more these days to help put midcarders over instead of guys who are already at the main event level, which used to be what the secondary titles were for. And the secondary titles, well, the guys who hold those titles nowadays are nothing more than glorified jobbers.

    • TheBigKing1

      I agree with every single thing you said…except for that last part. You think Wade Barrett is a glorified jobber?? I dont think so.

      • tomcatjerrymouse

        Give it some time. Most of them usually end up jobbing in non title matches sooner or later. And the way to get a shot at the IC, U.S., and tag team titles these days is to beat the current champions in a non title match instead of beating a bunch of other guys to earn a shot, the way it used to be and the way it should be.


    I love everyone saying titles are treated like props and whatnot, but seeing as how wrestling is scripted and they are basically given to a person for storyline purposes isn’t that exactly what they are??? It’s not like they are earned like in other sports. And even if they try to have long reigns you’ll all be complaining omg this guy’s been champ forever

    • Batman

      Indeed. Exactly right. They ARE props. And if you argue removing one will “restore prestige” and make it more useful, you’re doing that at the expense of ANOTHER prop that gives the midcard something to do. At least having two belts gives more midcard people the chance to feud over something. That’s the EXACT same argument made FOR the two world titles. Weird how it’s okay for one, and not the other.

      • TheBigKing1


  • Monty

    Reading some comments about Ziggler as champ is boring well here is the thing when incentives pushes the same wrestlers all the time we are the ones complaining and when he goes the push to wrestlers who have worked extremely hard and deserve it than we say they don’t deserve it

    I hope one day Kodi gets his huge push
    Christian deserves a long title reign
    Daniel Bryan
    Shield guys

    It’s good that atleast with one main title some others are getting chances to win, since with WWE title all we get are the same wrestlers winning again and again

    IMO punk’s long title reign did nothing but Hurt the title, because for risk 4-6 months he was fine and was complaining as much but than everything became about respect and that became stale extremely fast so his title reign should have ended a long time ago

    Now here is HOOING he doesn’t become the champ again for atleast 12 months.

    • AK-1138


  • Monty

    Richard with punk gone why isn’t the WWE pushing Orton or Turing him heel? When he comes out he gets one of the best crowd pops but yet he usually is in the mid card spot or many times open the show with some excellent matches

    I mean yes he has had 2 strike but when will WWE actually trust his again and ouch him to main event? With punk gone and cena hurt isn’t it time?

    Also he is under a huge contract so why not get your use out of him

    • BobCobb

      I Dislike orton prob more then most. I mean I really dislike him, I change the channel when he comes on, however I agree with your statement, he does have a big fan base (which I don’t understand) therefore he should be a bigger part of the show.

      • AK-1138

        Hehe, Sandow, is that you buddy?

      • TheBigKing1

        Because your a hater. Lol

    • Smart Mark

      I think they turned Ryback heel to fill the void of Punk being gone. But i would much rather have Orton in that main event heel spot. Definitely wouldn’t mind seeing him and Cena feud again for the WWE title.

      • Kris Mystery

        As long as you are prepared for Cena to continuously beat him for the title because Orton will no be touching the gold for awhile.

    • Kris Mystery

      He has 2 wellness strikes against him (as you stated) and that isn’t going to change…. taking a big chance putting the belt on him. Maybe another couple of years of clean tests then maybe down the road it may happen… but i wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • Harlie Boucher

    I think that the time change for TNA is going to do even worse for ratings than what they have now. Only time will tell though.

    And as far as the IC title feeling a bit worthless, hell it’s starting to feel that way with the WHC title. Having Ziggler losing all the time when he’s the champ, not good.

  • Charles

    I love it when the announcers say he’s a former IC champ or US champ. There’s like four or five guys in the WWE that aren’t former champions of something. Just like Little League if everyone gets a trophy it kinda losses cashay. As for TNA maybe they should consider actually improving the quality of the show instead of changing time slots every few months. That A’s & 8’s gimmick is so stupid and pointless. All they do is fight and get 150 new members and we still don’t know why.

  • AK-1138

    I realize it’s semantics, but I don’t really like the implication that it’s only the IWC that have a vocal dislike of Cena. From the day he joined WWE I’ve never thought the guy was worth much of a damn. And that was before the IWC attained its current… form…

  • Not just the IWCers Richard its pretty much the majority of the male crowd over 12 years of age.

  • Smart Mark

    I think the IC became less prestigious when they basically combined the SD and Raw roster to make the 3 hour Raw Super Show. Because instead of the WH title being the top title of the brand like it was on SD, it takes a place behind the WWE title. Kind of making the WH title the secondary title meaning the IC title doesn’t come in till like 3rd or 4th.

    • TheBigKing1


  • Isn’t lower ratings the reason Impact was moved to an earlier timeslot in the first place, I know that they were struggling to get a 1.0 rating last year before the time change.

  • Ickey

    I understand when a title holder go under clean again a contender, in order to create the impression that when the championchip match takes place the contwnder could win… however, I agree it happens so offen that it only damaged the belt