ICP Releases Music Video For "Chris Benoit"; Watch It Here

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Insane Clown Posse has released the music video for "Chris Benoit," a single off their upcoming album "Mighty Death Pop" due out on August 14, 2012. You can view it in the video embedded below:

  • Eliza

    Evil people Chris didn’t deserve that

  • Ken

    Is the kid with the strange face paint supposed to be Chris' dead kid or something?

    • Guest

      No, its just one of their kids. Some directors/producers made this music video, ICP didn't plan it. Another vid they (the producers) made is called "First Of The Year (Equinox) – Skrillex".

  • Vaughan

    Not only a shocking song but sick too

  • Pat

    Truly the biggest pieces of shit

  • Paul

    What a load of old crap

  • chelu671

    OMG, I can’t believe I actually watched that. Give me my 4 minutes back. ICP, go back to whereveryou were hiding, please.

  • Orion


  • WyFo

    Song sucks

  • Whammaster

    i wanted to give them a chance, i held my tongue. But ….

  • Denny

    Why did you show this?

    • meself

      man i'm a juggalo but that song just sucked

    • Hillbilly Jim

      This is why everyone as the ability to turn a channel, press play or take a look at something without going to the shock and awe. Realize that this is an expression not how they feel. You closed minded marks.

      • Freebleeder

        Haha your an idiot

        • Hillbilly Jim

          See closed minded mark…….kayfab I’m
          not a fan, but I appreicate their creative juices

  • Moe

    ICP suck, and most Rap in general, I don't see what the big deal is about them.

  • Kleck

    This is garbage

  • jdl

    ICP are still around? I assumed they failed out of the music industry years ago.

  • Bryan

    Whats with all the -1's? Somebody on here must be a juggalo…by the way, how is this wrestling news?

    • Thisguy

      It’s only wrestling news because the song is named after a wrestler.

    • Mukeel

      It has beniots name in it its wrestling news but seriously that was just pointless the song sucked and beniot aside from the murder was a great wrestler hands down maybe icp were beniot fans but have a weird way of showing it but yeah

    • WrestlingFan

      JCW .. ICP's wrestling brand, I'm not sure what it stands for but I love anything wrestling. Ric Flair the nature boy is going to their wrestling/music festival this summer.
      Plus, ICP wrestled with Chris Benoit and knew him personally.

  • domkennedy13

    They make deals like this? Can’t blame em,Eminem ruined their careers

  • Funk fanf


  • eric

    Dis not right wow

  • Richard

    These guys try so hard to be “rebels” and “badasses” when it clearly shows they’re not.

  • pipebomb

    well thats 4 min of my life i will never get back

  • carrie

    these guys r a waste of life…the best of them both ran down the crack of thier mamas ass…RIP chris….

  • Michael

    That wasn’t right but it was a good song

  • Dave Barton

    I couldn't even get half-way through this. Between the crappy music & the fact that they're just trying to make a buck at the expense of the Benoit family tragedy, I just can't do it.

  • AceV

    That was like watching my mother get tortured!!!

    Simply, undeniably horrible, terrible, and should not happen….

  • Prprince

    Just really really stupid. Icp really sucks.
    What were they thinking?????????

  • Skyrim

    LOL and these numbskulls thought they could take on Eminem. Even his junk album relapse was better than this song. Idk why they even bothered making a clip for this.

  • Sam

    So disrespectful… the taste of some people is just horrible.

  • Adam O’Brien

    You have got to be kidding me…

  • Austin

    They seem to be sticking up for Benoit. You can see this in the lyrics “no longer steering,on autopilot” and “ejected my controller”. So,they seem to believe that Benoit was not in control of himself during the murders. Can’t say I like the song, and I don’t like ICP.

  • TickedFreak

    I am a strong disliker to ICP. But now I am serious ticked off mode at them. This is a disrespectful way to do something. I don't see what they gained from it. And I don't see what they have to lose with it. But they should just go away. Their music is the most annoying thing ever. And they subliminally message people in their songs. They say they are all for love, well how is that love?

  • pocco

    Im a fan of both, ICP and wrestling, and its clear they are to. I have had to listen to all kinds of crap from so called fans but this is not all that bad. If you dont like it then move on. No one is going to force you to buy their album, but the more you try to prevent others from buying it, the more you look like a close minded bully. I choose to remember Benoit for the performer in the ring, not the man in his private life. No one is going to dictate to me what I should like except me.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Allways and forever R.I.P Chris.

  • Jbhc

    Truly disgraceful

  • Your Favorite Heel

    Poor kid who was probably forced to do this video. He was probably on of the dude's kids. These people are freaks. He should tell his dad(if it is) that his band sucks.

  • Tim

    It’s funny how all you wrestling fans are marking out over Chris – you all are crying how much of a disgrace this video is but what the REAL disgrace is, is that he took out his f***ing family before he selfishly took his own life! Yeah blah blah Chris was an amazing wrestler blah blah but NONE of that s*** means ANYTHING to the real world once he took his own sons life. Chris had a chance to live his own life and he took his life like a b**** but his kid didn’t have the choice to live his life cause his weak minded father chose for him! Quit marking out over him cause he used to be a great wrestler when in all reality he is nothing more than a scumbag father who killed his own son and wife cause he couldn’t live with the reality of why he wanted to kill himself so he chose his family’s fates with his selfishness.

    • Nik


  • James Holmie

    Almost everyone that posted a comment here is an idiot. Chris Benoit is a murderer that offed his entire family including his very young song. Why would you defend such an evil person over some musicians making a song about going insane. Maybe it's too deep for your small brains to understand. I don't really the song nor ICP but I at least understand it.