Identities Of Ryback's Opponents On Raw Supershow

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Ryback's opponents from Monday's Raw Supershow, Arthur Rosenberg & Stan Stansky, were Carolina independent workers Kirby Mack & Stoney Hooker.


    I could tell they weren't from FCW. Seemed very green to me.

    • Dani

      The majority of ryback’s opponents haven’t been from fcw. But it seems as if you are mistaking them being paid to be a squash with them having no experience. Kirby Mack has years of experience, and has had very entertaining matches. How he is portrayed as a nobody means nothing to his actual talent level

  • Dangerous Lee

    Lol Stoney hooker…..

    • XKonn247

      Grow up

      • Dangerous Lee

        Lol Stoney hooker is a funny name. Unlike your name, “x konn”??? That’s how a child would spell it. Being in prison doesn’t make you cool, it makes you a loser. Grow up.

        • LeftyTosser

          Dangerous, I will pass along to Stoney's mom that you think his name is funny. Kinda lie Dangerous isn't a funny name! Stoney is a great kid that has worked very hard at his craft. By the way, he was one hell of a soccer player in school. He has proven to be very entertaining in the ring in the matches I have seen. It appears that the WWE writing staff had a hard time figuring out what two young guys should say in front of the home fans to make them sound as stupid as possible.

          • Dangerous Lee

            Cool, let me know what Mrs. Hooker says…..

      • DanBo7o7

        lighten up

      • Jaycee

        Calm down dude. I laughed when I heard the name too.

  • James M>>>

    I wish them the best of luck but that prematch promo was awful. It is known.

  • James M>>>

    I wish them the best of luck but that pre match promo was awful. It is known.