Identity Of The Fan CM Punk Attacked; Considering A Lawsuit

The fan that CM Punk attacked on this week's WWE Raw has been identified as Charles Schmidt. Schmidt doesn't intend to press charges but is considering hiring an attorney for a potential lawsuit. Despite Schmidt claiming his glasses were broken in the attack, he was not injured.

Below is a video report by CBS Sacramento:

  • Kleck

    I see WWE settlement in his future

  • CM Punk

    How disrespectful that’s what you get when you idiots put a hand on me the best in the world

    • PainOfDemise

      The real Punk has better grammar.

    • Patrick Peralta

      I'm a CM Punk fan but he hit the wrong guy…and "the Best in the World " needs to be a professional and learn to hold his temper better…other wise he will be punished for it. Ask Orton what happens when you lose your temper and lash out.

      • Kevin

        How long should Punk have held his temper? Until he was finally pushed down the stairs? He took several shots and shoves before he finally retaliated. In Punk's defense, the guy Punk punched did actually hit Punk, even if he was pushed into Punk by someone else. So Punk didn't actually punch the wrong guy; he punched a guy that had hit him in the head twice, the last one being an elbow. What Punk didn't know is that the guy he punched had been pushed into him. I doubt that this will even see the light of a courtroom; WWE will settle with the guy before his attorney even files the complaint in District Court.

    • mstr_greedy_x


  • Bault16

    Everyone wants a payday for doing nothing. Get a job.

    • sweeeeeet

      Exactly. Well said. If I got hit like that. All I would have wanted was an apology from CM Punk himself and maybe a free ticket to Wrestlemania. Everyone is out for money. Sickening.

  • Bishop

    Right place at the wrong time. You’ve gotta love the American way. When you are in the wrong, debatable, you end up with a huge cash payment in the end. The system works!

    USA! USA! USA!

  • havoc525

    Umm, no injuries, no criminal charges, pretty sure there’s no case.

    • Umm with Stupid!

      The video clearly stated he's not pressing criminal charges. And to set the record, Injuries aren't necessary for a criminal charge. Especially when you have a video showing your being slapped around. But he can sue and he will win. WWE issued an apology. In the courts, thats as good as a confession. You don't deny an allegation and apologize for it. Theirs reality and then theirs CM Punk fans. Ummmmm is as good gets!!!

      • Jason

        umm even the sheriff stated there is no investigation because regardless who you are if you are in the wrong place at the right time CM punk is a Chicago man he takes no bullshit from anyone if someone like punk keeps getting slapped in the back of the head by people he will beat the shit out of the first person he see's the man has the right to defend himself being a televised star and being surrounded by the viewing public

        this man says he wont file any charges but now is considering a lawsuit? please this is the same retard who wore sunglasses in a building and was in the middle of the night but the fact is no matter if you're playing character or not no one has a right to put hands on talent or bitch and complain people just need to get over it and stop being pussies

    • Kevin

      I'm not an attorney, only a paralegal in training, so I can't give any legal advice. But I can tell you that a civil court only requires a preponderance of evidence, whereas a criminal court requires evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. The videos show that the man Punk punched did hit Punk, but not of his own volition. He was pushed into Punk. Is there a reasonable amount of evidence for this guy's attorney to present to a civil judge for a possible case against Punk? Only an attorney could answer that. But our legal system does allow for almost any case to be presented in a civil court. Time will tell.

      • Evon Reese

        Maybe next time he will knock the little kid out that was tapping him on his shoulder. I mean after all he's Super Punk! I'm for sure the reason he didn't remove himself from that situation is because it wasn't scripted for him to do that. Even though someone said to push him down the stairs he had to keep standing there in that exact same spot because he was trying to end the show and no one told him he could actually move around. This could not be because of Punks inability to think for himself. Stupid writers.

  • Nick

    I wonder if he’s gonna hire David Otunga…

  • Red

    He needs to hire David Otunga. That's a storyline just waiting to happen.

    • Nick

      Dude I totally agree! If I was this Charles guy, well first of if I was him I wouldn’t be so fat and white, but anyway if I was him I would say to wwe, okay I won’t sue if you turn this thing into a storyline, get me backstage, on camera, let me “hire” David Otunga, and let me get in the ring and cut a promo, we do an angle where CM Punk tries to hit me with the GTS and Ryback comes out and saves my butt. Then i accompany Ryback to the ring for a match with Punk at a live event or something, let me take a shot at Heyman, let me kiss Even Torres on the lips…oh wait I’m getting carried away…-anyway that to me would be worth more than any type of money! Just to be famous and be on TV, I would love it!

      • I support this comment.

      • Chili

        Nick, id watch that angle!!

      • Kevin

        Yeah. Punk brings Chuck into the ring on Raw to apologize to him. As Chuck is about to shake hands with Punk, accept his apology, and drop his lawsuit, David Otunga comes out to the ring. He whispers into Chuck's ear, and suddenly Charles and Otunga are shaking hands, and Otunga gets on the mic to announce that he is now Charles' attorney, and that they will be seeing Punk in court. Punk kicks Otunga in the head, dropping him like a rock, and then picks up Charles and prepares for the GTS. Suddenly, Ryback appears, and Punk drops Charles to the mat and runs from the ring. The storyline continues with Ryback (accompanied by Charles) facing Punk for the belt at a PPV. In the weeks leading up to the event, Charles is seen backstage on Raw and possibly Smackdown, hanging out with Otunga and others. During the PPV, Charles would end up helping Punk keep the title by accidentally hitting Ryback with a 2×4 when he attempts to hit Punk. The guy gets some face time on television, and a story to tell his grandkids some day.

      • Luda

        Lets hire nick as a writer

        • Nick

          Lol don’t you think I applied already? Apperantly they want someone with a college education…these corporate heads are so out of touch with wrestling. If a true wrestling fan was creating storylines WWE’s ratings would be at an all time high! I love pro wrestling like I love my ex girlfriend! We have a love/hate relationship but in the end we just want what’s best for each other. Hell, I’d do it for free for starters and if somehow I failed which I doubt I would, then I’d fire myself. I’m no Paul Heyman but I’m better than Russo that I can assure you!

  • I want Cryme Tyme

    Man up, you got punched. 15 minutes of fame anyone?

    • Wwefan4ever

      He got punched and then punched again and pushed, and had his glasses broken.

      I hope he sues CM Punk because he’s got quite a temper

  • Sweetonion

    Welcome to the USA lazy white people looking for easy money

    • Wwefan4ever

      I sadly agree.
      But I’m not being racist. Everyone is lazy and liking for money, not just Americans… And definitely not just white people

  • xChristenLynnx

    If anyone is to be charged for this it should be the fan that caused the incident. The same fan that has been on twitter bragging about it.

    • Wwefan4ever

      Lol true

  • dex

    this guy was literally a victim of a crime. he went to a wrestling show to have a good time and got punched twice by a wrestler for no reason. videotape clearly shows cm punk assaulted the wrong fan. of course he should be compensated for that.

    • Jason

      and the tape clearly shows the same guy being in punks face if people want to crowd him being in his space while a segment is happening than the bitch deversed what he got.

    • ChrisH

      Yep. But don’t let the wrestling marks here you say that. Bunch of tools think he can do what he wants and fuck the innocent guy who gets assaulted. Worst kind of fans, those people. Would be a whole different tune if it were their family member wrongfully assaulted.

  • I agree with ya!

  • bitter x wrestler

    I wish everyone surrounding punk had jumped and stomped a mud hole in his ass then walked it dry

  • gpturbo81

    your 15 minutes is up bud


    1st off the dude who started it wore a black t shirt who pushed punk, this dude's forearm or whatever did make contact with punk but there was clearly another hand that pushed the dudes forearm into punk. 1stly no matter what consequences a wrestler shouldn't act like punk did, security or no security its no excuse to punch a guy in a face….I mean there was a guy holding a kid just close by….imagine Punk back handing that kid's face WOW!…….OOOOCHHHH!!!!!

  • sweeeeeet

    What was the number 1 heel guy in the company doing in amoungst the fans without 1 security guard with him in the first place? And did anyone see that little kid that gave Punk a good push before the incident? What do these people expect? What Punk is not human or something just because he’s a wrestler that you see on TV? It’s okay to hit him but, if he hits you oh my god how dare you?! Lol give me a break people. That little kid should have been hit too. I don’t blame CM Punk. Too many disrespectful people out there that don’t have a clue on how to treat another human being.

  • Evon Reese

    I hope he sues the piss outta Punk. If you don't want touch run up the damn aisle not up in the middle of a crowd. Does Punk not understand that as a heel people no longer like you? His attitude sucks.

  • JasonGaza

    imagine if cena went up there… oh god he would have been ripped to shreds lol

  • Clint

    WWE buy that man a pair of sunglasses and pay his medical bills, that is all