Impact Audience Drops Under 1 Million

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This week's episode of Impact Wrestling did an average viewing audience of 993,000 viewers on Spike TV.

There was stiff competition with the 2014 NBA Finals airing on ABC which garnered an average viewing audience of 12,610,000 viewers.

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  • Scott Davies

    The stiff competition is a load of bs. Enough sugar coating & reasoning. Wrestling at one point attracted millions, probably billions of Wrestling fans. NBA, Super bowl or not. This idea that all sports is the reason needs to stop, cause not everybody is a sports fan, but everybody here is a Wrestling fan. The product stinks, it is terrible to sit & watch garbage that is reflecting the ratings & outcomes of these shows. The show is dying & i don’t see that Spike TV have made any type of deal. Spike would only be interested if ratings are hot & they are not. If Spike don’t resign them. It will be cause of the bad ratings & bad TV.

    • jdl

      There is no point in the history of the world where wrestling attracted billions of people.

    • Vic Jose

      I agree, if the product was good, people would watch it. At this point WWE Network is getting higher ratings, lol

  • Jack Johnson

    I just watched TNA, and OMFG, so sad to see the writing has gone,the story lines suck, I was a mega fan up to about 2 yrs ago now, and even I can’t watch this anymore…I will read up on what is happening, but I’m not watching anymore… so sad for me …

    • Josh Melton

      Know you care about TNA, and want them to succeed” please keep watching them each week, they need your support badly than you think.. Now isn’t the time turn your back on them something must have made you a fan. Hold onto that..