• Matt

    Still over a million so not super bad

    • Mysterion

      Again, beg to differ. The show bills itself bigger than it is. I said it last week and its the same this week. After 12 years it’s a joke that TNA thinks JUST over 1,000,000 is a successful show. SmackDown broke 3,000,000 last week and RAW was, I believe 4,300,000 on average. These are not good numbers. Especially for a Thursday night with no competition.

      I get if you’re a TNA fan you desperately want this company to do well and succeed but the truth is it is now the same as Ryback and Alberto Del Rio; it’s had its chance and the fans aren’t buying it.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Don’t forget Main Event draws more than this on a weekly basis as well. TNA can’t even draw as much viewers as WWE’s least important show that airs on a channel with less going for it than Spike.

        Their show is bad and they should feel bad

        • Mysterion

          Didn’t Total Divas beat TNA this week?

  • Jeff Elliott

    TNA needs a new network. Spike ain’t doing sh*t for them. When do they ever advertise impact?

    • Bob’s Diner

      When do TNA ever advertise anything? AJ Styles said it was embarrassing going to towns and no one knew there was even a wrestling show happening.