Impact Audience Drops

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This week's episode of Impact Wrestling garnered an average viewing audience of 1,119,000 viewers on Spike TV, which was down from last week. You can see how the show did compared to other cable television shows here on TV By the Numbers.

Impact Wrestling Viewership Archive

  • Matt

    Still over a million so not super bad

    • Mysterion

      Again, beg to differ. The show bills itself bigger than it is. I said it last week and its the same this week. After 12 years it’s a joke that TNA thinks JUST over 1,000,000 is a successful show. SmackDown broke 3,000,000 last week and RAW was, I believe 4,300,000 on average. These are not good numbers. Especially for a Thursday night with no competition.

      I get if you’re a TNA fan you desperately want this company to do well and succeed but the truth is it is now the same as Ryback and Alberto Del Rio; it’s had its chance and the fans aren’t buying it.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Don’t forget Main Event draws more than this on a weekly basis as well. TNA can’t even draw as much viewers as WWE’s least important show that airs on a channel with less going for it than Spike.

        Their show is bad and they should feel bad

        • Mysterion

          Didn’t Total Divas beat TNA this week?

  • Jeff Elliott

    TNA needs a new network. Spike ain’t doing sh*t for them. When do they ever advertise impact?

    • Bob’s Diner

      When do TNA ever advertise anything? AJ Styles said it was embarrassing going to towns and no one knew there was even a wrestling show happening.