"Impact Rewind" Slated To Precede Impact Wrestling Next Week

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Spike TV's schedule for next week features a program called "Impact Rewind" at 7 PM/6 CT prior to Impact Wrestling next Thursday. It appears as if the show is getting a trial run as the schedule is back to normal the following week.

  • christopher525

    "For those of you who missed last weeks show, well, you're not watching now anyway either so this is kind of a pointless program."

  • The Real Spiffy

    I doubt they couldn't even squeeze in the whole A.J./dixie/claire/kaz/daniels storyline in one hour that thing is a train wreck

  • Kevin

    First they tried an "after show", giving us behind the scenes looks at the talent and having "shoot" interviews. (I put shoot in parentheses because I don't believe for one second those interviews were anything BUT scripted.) That didn't work, so the decided to air one hour earlier. That hasn't changed the ratings any, so NOW they're going to try a "rewind" show, no doubt giving us highlights from last week's episode. As christopher525 stated above, if you missed last week's episode, there's a good chance that either a) you meant to miss it, so you won't be watching the rewind show anyway,or b) you had to work, and wanted to see it, so you've already watched it on the inet (as in my case), so you won't be watching the rewind show anyway. Either way, the rewind show is a waste of time, and will probably only air once.