*Impact Spoiler* MVP Officially Debuts With TNA Wrestling

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MVP debuted with TNA Wrestling at Thursday's Impact taping in Glasgow, Scotland, being revealed as the mystery investor. The segment will air on this week's show following the main event. Before taping his debut, MVP Tweeted the following:

As we reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, the two sides had agreed on money as of Tuesday but there were minor details still being worked out to make the debut a reality. TNA’s pursuit of MVP has been quite the process but the departure of AJ Styles was believed to be a big break through. We’re told this is when they bumped their offer to MVP, with some of the money that had been earmarked for AJ becoming available to get a deal done.

Dave Lagana, who works a creative writer in TNA, had pushed for MVP as he feels the former WWE superstar is someone he can build around.

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  • josh

    Will he be wrestling under the MVP name? Is he a heel or face?

  • max6166

    Why warn people about a spoiler and then put the spoiler right in the article title???

    • I didn’t spoil the capacity in which he’ll be used but I’m going to be honest – I do the best I can to keep from spoiling stuff but the entire reason this website exists is to tell people what happens behind-the-scenes. And besides, this wasn’t really wasn’t that much of a surprise and has been covered extensively.

      • Venom

        I do have to admit I laughed when it says what the spoiler is in the title of the article but in the description it has the spoiler description preview as to not spoil anything yet the title of the article is the spoiler.

        I think this happened before when a title change happened on smackdown taping and people complained about the spoiler but it was only posted ere after wwe posted it themselves on dot com.

        This is kind of different.

      • opie

        Seriously, I laughed, too. You could put every TNA story in your headlines, and that’s the only way I would ever know what’s going on with them.

  • michael

    Is he allowed to use the name MVP still?

    • I guess? WWE owns the rights to Montel Vontavious Porter but maybe he can use MVP as he pleases? I was was always told he could use MVP internationally but not in TNA but who knows what has happened in the years since.

  • Jim

    If anyone listens to The Solomonster’s podcast, he never mentions this website. I find it odd.

  • Josh G

    It seems ridiculous to say MVP is a bigger talent than AJ Styles… very confused by TNAs decision. As for AJ.. how are JJ and Toby Keith doing? TNA just handed their newest competition one of their biggest stars on a sliver platter.

  • Amazed and Confused

    Really? Can’t come up with a bigger name than MVP? How about a better storyline name to introduce a new management level character? TNA is in trouble folks…