Impact Wrestling Taping Results (12/15) *Spoilers

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TNA taped this week's Impact Wrestling tonight from Universal Studios in Orlando. Thanks to Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks for sending us full results:

Impact Wrestling (Airing Thursday on Spike TV):

* TNA Champion Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles in a match with a five minute time limit went to a draw. Crowd chanted for five more minutes. Sting came out (wearing a cowboy style jacket) to the stage. He adds five more minutes and says the first fall wins. Roode wins within the first minute with a single leg crab on AJ's bad leg to retain the World Title.

* For the Wild Card Tag Tournament, Abyss & Scott Steiner defeated Hernandez & Rob Terry w/Rosita & Sarita after Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam on Rob Terry and tagged in Steiner to make the cover for the victory.

* Kurt Angle comes to the ring and calls out Sting. Sting comes out and Kurt talks about how ever since Sting got put in power, life has not been good for Kurt, such as Sting being the reason he lost the title. He demands a rematch with James Storm, which Sting does not grant because Storm beat Angle fair and square. Sting tries to leave but Angle threatens to go to Storm's house if Sting does not do give him a rematch and Angle leaves.

* Zema Ion defeated Anthony Nese via a 450 Splash.

* Jesse Neal vs. Gunner w/Ric Flair went to a no contest when Gunner shoved the referee. He then piledrove Jesse on the floor and Jesse needed to be stretchered out.

* Jeff Hardy came out for an interview. He spoke of how he was still in pain from Sunday and how he will win the TNA Championship at Genesis. Bully Ray came out and reminded Jeff that he will be facing him in the main event tonight and insulted Hardy before going to the back.

* In the Wild Card Tournament, Samoa Joe & Magnus defeated Robbie E & Douglas Williams when Joe pinned Doug with the muscle buster.

* Madison Rayne defeated Traci Brooks.

* Devon came out and called out The Pope, who entered with Devon's children. Devon told him that this stuff with Pope is over and how he does not want to put his children in harm's way anymore. He puts his arms around his kids and goes to leave, but Pope takes the mic and says how Devon's kids want to be like him, before complimenting himself like how Pope usually does. After a bit more pandering, Devon lays him out with a punch, and goes to leave with the kids again. Pope kicks Devon low, and Devon falls to the ground as his kids stare at him. Pope puts the boots to him, one of the kids puts on Pope's glasses and they leave together.

* Jeff Hardy defeated Bully Ray with a Twist of Fate. TNA Champion Bobby Roode, who was on commentary for the match, ran down to the ring and jumped Hardy. Ray and Roode set up a table in the ring and Roode powerbombed Hardy through it. Sting came down to yell at Roode and Ray. Roode said something in Sting's face, Sting attempted to hit Roode and Ray, but Roode and Ray got the upperhand. Ray put the title around Roode's waist and they posed.

Impact Wrestling (Airing 12/22 on Spike TV):

* Madison Rayne, wearing a referee shirt, calls Tara and Miss Tessmacher to the ring and in a long promo lays out that the two have to face each other. They proceeded to have an incredibly long and plodding match before hitting Madison and posing like Tim Tebow.  Scott noted this was one of the worst matches in the company's history and he would be surprised if it is not re-taped Tuesday or Wednesday.

* In the Wild Card Tournament, Eric Young & ODB defeated Anarquia & Shannon Moore w/Rosita & Sarita after Moore walked out on Anarquia.


* Christopher Daniels defeated Devon with a school boy with the ropes.

* Samoa Joe defeated Kazarian with a Muscle Buster.

  • snuggle

    What happened to one of the Jarrett’s getting fired. Why does it seem like this show was just completely out of control.

    • HPK

      They both got fired…Stop trying to find something to whining about !!!

  • eurosario

    What happened to firing one of the Jarrett’s.Man the writing staff needs to stop getting into RVD’s staff and what’s with the tag team tournament.What don’t drink it man that was not kool-aid it was something else

  • green lantern

    Yea, what happened to someone getting fired (Jarret's).They need to do what they say they are going to do. They need to get rid of the both of them And how much longer are we going to have to put up with this so called TNA Champian Bobby Roode disrespectable attitude toward Dixie Carter and Sting strip Him of the belt ,have a tournement between the top drawing wrestlers and let the BETTER man win. Give TNA a champion that the permotion can be proud of . Quit slapping them on the hand and start suspending them, stripping titles and things might change and let those in charge be in charge.

  • wnwdotcom2

    There was no mention of the Jarrett firing during last night's taping. However, that doesn't mean it won't be inserted in a pre-tape or even done tonight.

  • MsMojorisin

    Well i really want karen to get fired but i
    think it will be jeff cause of the aaa committment and the project in india

  • Louis

    They going back to the mix up shows which they got mess up last time why they don’t do shows just on tuesday and go to once a moth house show.