*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results For Thanksgiving & December

TNA Wrestling taped several segments and matches for upcoming episodes of Impact on Friday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling News World Florida correspondent Scott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report:

Thanksgiving Episode:

* There was a dinner table set up in the ring. Dixie Carter came out then introduced Rockstar Spud, who I presume is her assistant now. Crowd was heavily booing so couldn't quite make it out. They announced Magnus/Angle would be a Last Man Standing match and Hardy/Roode would be a tables match. She also said tonight there will be a winner winner Turkey Dinner where the winners tonight will be a part of the feast. Dixie also had EC3 come out and the two spoke, talked about there being nothing better than being a Carter and EC3 was ready to wrestle his next tough opponent.

* Ethan Carter III defeated Curry Man. Curry Man spoke briefly before the match but EC3 cut him off. He won with his headlock driver.

* We saw a backstage segment of Bromans & Zema Ion talking. Eric Young and ODB walk up. He said he is running the turkey bowl now and said they will do a tag match with two turkey suits. EY said they were wrestling this guy but it was some random backstage guy who declined. He then pointed at Dewey Barnes and Norv Fernum. Losers wear the turkey suit.

* Eric Young and ODB came out with the turkey suits. Zema Ion came out and he had DJ equipment. He introduces Bromans with his DJ equipment.

* Bromans beat Dewey Barnes and Norv Fernum pretty easily following a Hart Attack on Norv. They made them wear the turkey suits and made them do the turkey dance. Eric Young and ODB did with them.

* We had the "winner winner turkey dinner" and all of the winners came out including Bobby Roode, Bad Influence, Chris Sabin, Velvet Sky, Gail Kim, Lei'd Tapa Bromans and Zema Ion. (Not sure why EC3 wasn't out if he had won a match.) Spud welcomed them all. Roode said this is a table for winners only to Sabin. He said Roode was right and told Velvet she had to leave. He asked Zema to take a seat. Roode said to feast your red on true winners. They would like to thank Dixie for their careers in Impact Wrestling. Roode asks what they are thankful for. Daniels says he is for his intelligence being handsome and being well endowed. Kazarian is thankful that Joe Park is not ere to drink the gravy or fornicate the pumpkin pie and says he is glad to be here with Daniels and Roode. Gail says she is thankful for Lei'd Tapa and being the most dominant Knockout. Sabin says he is thankful for the beautiful luxurious...hair on his head and being the greatest x division champion of all time. Robbie E says he and Bromans are thankful for Phil Heath and the new resident DJ for TNA and new member of the Bromans Zema Ion. He says they are thankful for not wearing the turkey suits and being the best tag team champions of all time. Roode says he is thankful for being the it factor and the upcoming world heavyweight champion and beating Kurt Angle. He says let's feast. Kurt Angle's music hits. Roode challenges him to get in the ring and take them all on. He said Roode isn't alone and neither is he. ODB, EY, Storm, Gunner, Velvet come out and a big food fight erupts.

*Spoilers* Partial Taping Results For Thanksgiving Episode Of Impact Wrestling

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  • Natsumi

    Whoa, so cool Magnus is going to win the World title 🙂

    • jay

      Then lose to aj styles cus styles will come back have a title match to.become the undisputed champ