Impact Viewership Drops Off

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This week's episode of Impact Wrestling did an average viewing audience of 1,100,000 viewers on Spike TV. The show ended up with a 1.0 cable rating. The show was not listed in the top 100 shows on cable for the day on TV By the Numbers.

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  • Talesgirl015

    Expected ):

  • Scott Davies

    I’m going to use a Road Warrior Animal term & officially say. TNA is in the toilet. The biggest problem to me was never Hulk Hogan or Eric Bischoff. Hell I’m not even going to blame Vince Russo. It is Dixie Carter. I have not commented on anything TNA for a while. cause I don’t want to be a TNA hater. But they are not really doing anything to draw me to watch the show each & every week. WWE has sucked for months, but I will say at least WWE might have 1 or 2 things on Raw. That make me wanna watch.

    • jdl

      The biggest issue isn’t even Dixie Carter, it’s Spike. I don’t know how Spike is in your area, but for me it’s eight hours a day of either Cops, Jail, crappy action movies or Bar Rescue. TNA is essentially the only new programming that airs regularly on the station. They can’t really expand their audience to any great number if the channel they are on is so far down the drain that all it can’t maintain regular programming.

  • Winnipeg

    What do u expect when I’ve seen episods where the first hour had one or no match?
    I quit watching after awhile due to that factor. TNA use to be compatible to ROH but at lest ROH has better wrestling