Impact Wrestling Audience Dips

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This week's episode of Impact Wrestling only did an average viewing audience of 1,019,000 viewers on Spike TV. The show ended up with a 0.87 cable rating.

There wasn't significant competition anywhere on cable but between the NFL game (6,473,000 viewers) and the NCAA football game (5,732,000 viewers), TNA had to compete for their demographic.

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  • Luc

    I think the Pacman guy advertisement was a terrible decision. Also, any kind of advertisement or marketing that TNA generally does is awful and pushes away current and potential fans. The Youtube videos they’ve been pushing recently have been pretty awful. If they focused on wrestling and having matches for titles (TV, Tag, X-Division) more consistently then the show would definitely improve in ratings. You can’t have shove shit down peoples throats all the time, or they’ll just hurl it up. You gotta give people a product that they want to more of. The story lines need to be second to the matches. Wrestling has been in a soap opera funk for far too long. Wrestling as a whole needs to start focusing on wrestling matches and creating exciting matches instead of having everyone worry about mic skills and having an over the top personality. If everyone is special than no one is. And that is the sad truth with good majority of wrestlers in the industry today. We need quiet guys who just want to wrestle and kick ass like Dean Malenko and Christ Benoit. We need mid card matches like the luchadores from WCW Nitro. We need Heavyweights to be actual Heavyweights. Basically TNA needs to treat it’s product like a real sport again. The smartest thing they’re doing with AJ Styles right now is having him defend his title in countries around the WORLD. He IS the WORLD Heavyweight Champion and having these defenses makes the title more legitimate. But at home, the storylines they’re playing with are ruining that one great point.