Impact Wrestling Audience Drops Off Heading Into Slammiversary

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This week's episode of Impact Wrestling drew an average viewing audience of 1,016,000 viewers on Spike TV.

TNA has to be disappointed, not only headed into Sunday's Slammiversary XI pay-per-view but their first week in the 9/8c timeslot. The company is hopeful the timeslot change will benefit them in the long run.

  • Stephen

    They were hopefull the last timeslot change and the ratings stayed the same. I don’t see how they thing going back to 9pm will make a difference.

    • Gerr Bear

      Tna needs a better network! One that will promote them. Spike sucks at promoting them. Tna is not bad, crap, nor good, its just average. If they really want to get people to tune they need to pull some heavy avertising. Tell people why they should watch tna over wwe! They need to out move wwe! Its funny i can watch tna and see wwe commericals for wwe films, ppvs, and games. When I watch wwe I see no Tna commericals period! Spike needs give tna more freedom and show tna some love!!

      • Stephen

        Yes I agree but then don’t forget, Raw was on SpikeTV for 5 years had better ratings than TNA does now. (Not as big as you would think tho) I know wrestling in general has had an overal decline over the years but at least WWE was able to keep decent ratings. I just can’t think of any network who would look at 0.8 ratings as say that they NEED to go get for their station.

        • Gerr Bear

          True but wwe already had a big following when they moved to tnn(spike tv) from usa. If spike wants better rating promote it! 80% of people who watch wwe do not know tna exsist! Thats a flaw! when wwe was going against wcw, everyone knew what wcw was! Today people do not know what tna stands for unless you think it means test and albert ha

  • jdl

    They need a chance, the A&8s storyline is beyond stale and it’s dominating all of the major angles, there are very few independent storylines going on at TNA right now. Combine that with the timeslot changes and it’s easy to see why some people are tuning out. I stopped watching Impact just about the time Bully Ray started appearing seven times a show and cutting the same promo every week. That’s Triple H’s shtick, don’t need to see it from a tag team wrestler.

  • Harlie Boucher

    Did they really think going on later would make it better?

  • Naseem Muhanna

    Aces and Eights need a new story line feud like maybe Immortal or the tna front line.

    • Or how about something that doesn’t involve a group of “outsiders” trying to take over a company? I mean WWE has The Shield, TNA has Aces & Eights, ROH has S.C.U.M. Can we be a little bit creative and think outside of the box?

  • Chris

    Later time, airing from tape, pretty much sets up bad ratings.

  • Jesse Sherwood

    This is the lowest viewership numbers for TNA since the move back to Thursdays, as well. Add on top of that fact that TNA has lost viewers for the taped show for the 3rd straight taping, then there might be a severe problem.