Impact Wrestling Audience Plummets Against Stiff Competition

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This week's episode of Impact Wrestling did an average viewing audience of 997,000 viewers with a 0.89 cable rating on Spike TV.

The number was abysmal but the competition was stiff with the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Impact was not among the top 100 cable shows for the day.

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  • Scott Davies

    I swear every week TNA is up against stiff competition. How about just saying it like it is. Bad booking, Bad drawing champion, no direction, stupid willow gimmick, There is just nothing on TNA worth watching.

    • jason witten 82

      Willow rules, back off lol

  • Yeah buddy

    They need ryback feed me more! Ryback rules!

    • “We could have had it aaaaaaallllllll; Trolling in the deeeeeeeeeeeep”

  • Mysterion

    It’s telling to me that Nitro had it’s worst rating clock in at 1.7 and was considered a failure but Dixie and the rest of the board at TNA will have it’s fans believe that these numbers are acceptable. It’s not only poor booking but a piss poor business model ruining TNA. Hell, they’d be better pressed to sell to a fan based consortium and let fans run TNA how they’ve been clamouring for it to be run for the last five or six years.

    • John

      So you are comparing the ratings of WCW Nitro to TNA Impact? Why don’t we compare RAW ratings from back then to RAW ratings from the present day? Would that be the definition of a failure for WWE? TNA is one of the highest rated shows on Spike.. Just because their ratings don’t compare to WWE doesn’t mean it’s a failure.

      • Mysterion

        I’d take the 4,000,000 WWE gets in America alone against any competition vs TNA getting less than a million. So yea, TNA is a failure and WWE, not so much.

        • opie

          They’re not even in the same league.

        • John

          Since when were TNA competition for WWE in ratings? Is every MMA organisation a failure because they don’t have the same ratings as the UFC?

  • Bob’s Diner

    0.89 rating? Almost a million viewers?
    That’s actually pretty good for TNA…