Impact Wrestling Audience Tanks To New Yearly Low

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This week's episode of Impact Wrestling did an average viewing audience of 1,050,000 viewers on Spike TV. This is a new yearly low for TNA.

  • Stoney

    It’s no surprise, I’m not a WWE fan I use to be a big TNA fan but for the past 3 years it’s gone on a big dive bomb and it’s all thanks to the “legendary” Hulk Hogan and his little bitch Bischoff.
    I thought Dixie Carter was the so called owner of the company why can’t she see the damage Hogan is doing is she under some kind of spell like a love sick teenager?
    “yes Hulk, whatever you say Hulk, 3 bags full Hulk”!!!
    Does she not know how to say no because it’s so easy… no, see I didn’t find that difficult.
    I think Jeff Jerrett should come back and step in after all he started TNA he shouldn’t sit back while his baby is dying.

  • Look at the UK stats. Its watch by more than WWE

    • LuukV

      The world doesn’t consist of just the UK. Maybe that’s the case there, but the rest of the world isn’t really that interested in TNA lately, those numbers don’t lie.

      • Matt

        Where as in America you got people who think the president rules the world… Hypocrisy is also global.

    • Paul

      Probably because you need Sky television package to watch WWE. TNA is on the regular freeview channels on Challenge TV. Everyone has access to that

    • pow

      It’s free to watch you idiot, you have to subscribe to Sky Sports to watch the WWE. The live shows over here in the UK the WWE trounces all over tna by thousands.

  • LeftyTosser

    I have been a TNA fan since the beginning. I haven’t watched a show live in almost a year. I record it and fast forward over the Hogan moments. He is great for the live audience because a lot of these folks have not seen him live at an event, but he is killing the show for TV. I would suggest having Hogan at the live shows to rev the crowd up and get folks excited, but stop having him on TV more than once or twice a month and even then only for short periods. No one really wants to see him try to compete, even if his health would allow it.

    It’s time for serious changes in the game plan at TNA. Stop pushing older guys (Anderson, Sting, Devon, etc.) and get on with the promotion of the terrific young stars within the ranks. One of the best big men in the business (Morgan) is within the ranks of the young stars and yet he is only on TV maybe once every three weeks. Styles hasn’t really been in the ring in forever and it is time to step up with these younger guys.

    • Nostaljack

      I agree with you that it’d be nice if they pushed younger talent. Morgan, though? He’s hardly the guy you want “fronting” your company in any capacity. He’s got the mouth of a garbage truck and his attitude sucks.

      • Paul

        Yeah this is part of TNA’s problem in my opinion. Fans are enticed back in to the product the are ridiculed and insulted by the talent. Hogan, Morgan and Bischoff should be reprimanded for their treatment of their critics. Even Austin Aries taking to twitter to moan about people speculating on his nuts in Christy’s face. TNA talent needs media training!

    • Paul

      I agree. Hogan has some value but not as a weekly on screen performer he should be a spokesperson as sorts for the company. Sting should be the authorative figure, Christopher Daniels should be a top heel with Bobby Roode and Aj Styles and Samoa Joe should be the focus of the company. As I said Hogan has a slight value but Eric Bischoff has no place in TNA whatsoever.