Impact Wrestling Audience Up Again With No Surrender Special

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Impact Wrestling viewership...

This week's No Surrender episode of Impact Wrestling did an average viewing audience of 1,389,000 viewers on Spike TV. The show continues to gain momentum as the competition increases as the Thursday Night Football game on the NFL Network drew an average viewing audience of 8,791,000 viewers.

The show ended up with a 1.08 cable rating.

TV By the Numbers has all the info on the night at this link.

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  • David

    Well not everybody gets the NFL Network.

    • Nostaljack

      Ding! Ding! There’s the reason it’s not hurting TNA one bit.

  • jdl

    Up against NFL competition… on a specialty network that large portions of the country probably don’t even get, and that’s without taking into account that it’s still a good amount lower than what TNA used to average, nor does it really change the fact that on any other network TNA would have been canceled years ago, or that it’s being regularly beat by a Diva based reality show, that it’s still a full .8 behind Smackdown even though Smackdown is on a network nearly as terrible as Spike, or that TNA is going through massive cutbacks due to going on the road. A minor bump in ratings is nothing to crow about.

    • I sure hope you know that even WWE’s viewing audience and ratings are down from what they were 5 years ago.

      • Nostaljack

        Of course they are. During the “Monday Night Wars”, they were doing 6’s. That, of course, was when they had viable competition. When TNA tried to run live on Monday nights, they did a .56 – their very worse number. They couldn’t handle it and got outta there. Their ratings have basically remained stagnant for years and I doubt that’ll ever change. If Hogan and Bischoff with the radical roster changes couldn’t get them higher numbers, it isn’t ever gonna happen.

      • jdl

        Of course I do, however WWE is still pulling in quality sponsors, viewership numbers that would keep them from being canceled, pulls in big ticket sales, DVD sales, their movies, and all that. I was not actually comparing WWE and TNA, to even conceive of that notion is laughable. I was using Smackdown’s rating as a simple barometer. I’m sorry if I failed to make that blatantly obvious and assumed people would simply understand.

  • The Night Shift

    I wish people weren’t so interested in TNAs popularity in the mainstream. Each die hard fan has a chance to help TNA grow by trying to get more people interested. I try my best to help spread the word of IMPACT. Its not hard. Everytime wwe fans talk about wwe, I always mention TNA. They have heard of it before. Now they come to me every Friday morning asking if I watched Impact last night. We discuss the show. Now they are planning to order BFG. We just have to spread the word and get wrestling fans talking about TNA. As far as the NFL. It brings in more people watching tv. I think people switch to Impact during commercial breaks. Most of the viewers watching football don’t watch tv during the offseason. That is just my guess.