Impact Wrestling Draws Biggest Audience Of 2017

This week's episode of Impact Wrestling drew 344,000 viewers, which happens to be up 18% from last week's 292,000. This is the highest-rated episode of Impact in 2017 so far.

2017 Impact Viewership:

January 5, 2017: 290,000 viewers
January 12, 2017: 277,000 viewers
January 19, 2017: 310,000 viewers
January 26, 2017: 307,000 viewers
February 2, 2017: 299,000 viewers
February 9, 2017: 252,000 viewers
February 16, 2017: 325,000 viewers
February 23, 2017: 275,000 viewers
March 2, 2017: 293,000 viewers
March 9, 2017: 292,000 viewers
March 16, 2017: 344,000 viewers

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  • #DeleteTheOwl

    • Puppy

      Broken Hardys don’t draw not # stop trolling

    • Puppy

      Broken Hardys don’t draw Owl > Hardys

  • Good numbers for a show on PopTV… better episode than last week also which is a plus

  • live1213

    Great start under new management but don’t forget the newness will where off then u have to rely on good storyline and titles that make sense Cody vs Moose is good but that impact title should b the American title and work a storyline that lead to Slammerversy that leads to bound for Glory. You may or may not be able to get Adam Cole but Rhett Titus and Kenny King is a must oh American Most Wanted Hall of Fame and Lou Thez your spot made in wrestling history honorary .

  • Albert Ponce

    It’s getting better but will it last. The deals with Noah,Crash and i guess GFW are good but don’t force an invasion angle. Impact does not need to compete with WWE to be great just focus on your own brand. The losses of the Hardys, Mike & Maria are ok i might have kept Drew but it’s ok. Btw what is up with Spud being an announcer lol.

    • Aboutmybandz

      I disagree. I want them to compete with the WWE. Competition breeds innovation and forces both companies to step up it’s game.

      • Albert Ponce

        That is true i just don’t want them to focus on trying to beat them at the ratings game unlike what others might think Impact Wrestling has loyal fans. As does ROH and Lucha Underground. Just make a quality show and the rest will work itself out. I do believe a better cable channel will help Spike Tv was a great for them.