Impact Wrestling & Global Force Wrestling Officially Merging

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Karen Jarrett appeared on this week's "live" Impact Wrestling to announce that Impact and Global Force Wrestling are officially merging.

No other details were announced, but obviously it appears that GFW's talent and championships will be featured on Impact going forward.

Stay tuned to for the latest.

  • Simon Veitch

    So this was Jeff’s plan all along, he didn’t want to compete with Impact, he wanted to merge so he can do an invasion angle right? To get ratings? So that someone might give a damn about impact?

    • “BIG M” Adams.

      They already did an invasion storyline 2 years ago!

  • NeronWillRise

    They’re not merging. GFW doesn’t freaking exist and never did.

  • The HUMOR of this “Announcement” is UTTERLY RIOTOUS!