Impact Wrestling House Show Results (10/28/11) – Sacramento, California

Wrestling News World reader Aaron sent in the following Impact Wrestling house show report from the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento, California:

The show opened with lots of random merchandise being thrown to the crowd. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Don West

* TNA Champion Bobby Roode was out first an cut a standard heel promo. James Storm comes and gets Roode out of the ring. He then cuts a baby promo and asks D-Lo Brown for a championship rematch tonight! Huge D-Lo chants! The match is set for later.

* First match was Kazarian & Brian Kendrick vs. Christopher Daniels & Kid Kash. Winner via sliced bread, Kazarian & Kendrick.

* Crimson vs. Samoa Joe. Joe dominated but Crimson won in the end via rol-lup

* Mickie James vs. Winter. Lots of back and forth but winner via her finisher, Mickie James.

* TNA Championship Match – Bobby Roode vs. James Storm. Really good match with a lot of close calls but in the end winner and still champion, Bobby Roode.

Intermission with more giveaways. Earl Hebner sold his shirt for ten bucks!

* Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss. RVD takes ten minutes just to get to the ring. Typical match and winner via 5 Star Frog Splash, RVD. Side note, RVD smelled like weed!

* Main event was Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy. Ray cut a great heel promo on the crowd. Very hot before the match. Winner via Senton Bomb, Jeff Hardy.

The show was a great live event with lots of interaction with the crowd. Kid Kash Flair-chopped my buddy before the show. Worth the 50 dollar front row seats!

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