Impact Wrestling Loses More Of Their Audience As Bound For Glory Approaches

This week's episode of Impact Wrestling did a troubling average viewing audience of 1,084,000 viewers on Spike TV. The show posted a 0.82 cable rating.

With only one more show to go to Bound for Glory, this is not what TNA wanted to see.

  • BigMike

    what do you expect? they are trying to copy WWE and WWE is watering down rehashed STorylines from the attitude era

    • devin steele

      what? dixie is trying to be triple h and aj styles is supposedly d bryan and when wwe got a 2.6 rating you was snickering and laughing sooooo… how does it feel to see your precious tna ratings drop *snicker* lol i told you so that tna will get their butts handed to them and you say wwe is watering down rehashed storylines from the attitude era……hey jackass… WWE (vkm) CREATED THE ATTITUDE ERA!!!!! and it’s tna that’s rehashing storylines from the wwe attitude era and is copying the corporation storyline with dixie acting like a watered down triple h! face it! tna got their butts kicked by thursday night football and the x factor 😉

  • jdl

    People are sick of A&8s. Honestly I think people are just sick of Bully Ray and the fact that the show is almost completely dominated by heels. They’re the dominant personalities and the faces are all fairly weak, which makes it hard to watch. AJ is barely standing up to Bully and Dixie, he’s there, he wrestles and he doesn’t get walked on, but just take a look at the first few weeks of the Daniel Bryan vs. Orton feud. Yeah, Bryan got steam rolled in virtually every episode, but he had spine, he had backbone, he did things to provoke the beat downs and to retaliate. Even if he’s constantly getting outdone, Bryan is the dominant personality in that feud. You really can’t say the same for any of the faces in TNA, except for maybe Angle.

  • ldb

    for me the reason to not watch is Dixie. Just rewatch impact.If you can stand to that is. Her performance is worse than goblegokker. Just can’t take it.

  • Charles

    They should feature Kaz and Daniels more.
    They’re off the chain.