Impact Wrestling Rating

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Last night's edition of Impact Wrestling, the go-home to TNA Against All Odds, did a 1.05 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 1,502,000 viewers on Spike TV. We'll have more shortly.

  • Jim

    Why can’t this show pick up any steam? Its almost gettin to the point where its sad. Though I guess if we could answer that question TNA would pay us a pretty penny for that info…

    • Kingjamsie

      Something needs to be hot to pick up steam…

  • Larry

    Damn was a great first hour.that should have helped them hold the audience.was a decent show

  • Anthony

    It seems like Hogan and Bischoff are doing a great job, they're extremely valuable to the company. *cough, cough*

  • ted

    the fact is that tna is not in position to challenge wwe.

    wwe fans do not give a damn about has been hogan, sting, fossil flair, eric and his stupid son, garrett in 2012.

    hogan is nearly 60 and they know that he is a liar and a complete joke. sting should have retired in 2001 or joined wwe and had some big matches against hbk, taker, austin, rock etc.

    jeff hardy is a convicted felon and is in tna because wwe would not touch him with a ten foot pole. hardy is a tattooed freak whose only skill is falling from high places.

    half of the tna knockouts are fired wwe divas who are now in their mid 30's or over 40 like tara.

    wwe fans see tna as being inferior so they don't care to watch it or support it.

  • Louis

    No the problem was how u have a GREAT show like that and not promote the heck out of it.

  • Casey Mac

    I'll tell you this, I'm very dissapointed by TNA putting Hardy in the W/C contention so soon, there are other over looked wrestlers that deserve this over him simply becuse of what he's done. Case in point, ERIC YOUNG, this is s awesome wrestler. If you remember when we were alowed to see his serious side with World Elite, it was awesome to see that side. Yes he can be VERY FUNNY. But remember this when then W/C Mr. Anderson wanted to recreate Sting vs. The Great Muta. Young was incredable he was basicly limited to Muta's move set's, executed them so flawlessly it was beautifull thing to watch, and goofing around BEAT THE CHAMP. Please give him what he deserves a REAL shot at the title,Hardy does not deserve it.